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    Southwestern Ontario Brewers

    Hey Guys Im located in London and would be interested in finding other locals for brewing with, does anyone know any brew clubs in or around london?
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    55 gallon fermentation tank

    Hello All Just wondering if anyone has used these for fermenting big batches: I have 4 of these 55 gallon containers, all food grade, with an airtight steal, Id like to get some big lager batches brewed before the hot weather gets here, and with these I could ferment 200+ liters...
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    Improvised Brew Equipment for Huge Batches

    Hello All Just wondering if anyone has used a modified 45 gallon steel food grade drum as a boil kettle. I can get these for around 10 dollars so its incredibly cheap. I have 5 50 liter kegs and id like to be brewing 50 liter batches, or possibly even 100, fermenting in 45 gallon food grade...