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  1. tbel

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Don't think I entered yet.... So please and thank you
  2. tbel

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Ok, hasn't paid off yet. But I can't Winn without posting.
  3. tbel

    Widow Maker Black Ale

    Again, thanks!
  4. tbel

    Widow Maker Black Ale

    How about mash and ferm temps? I'm entering this into Beersmith. The title "BadDeacon's Widowmaker clone". Though I will be using Breiss Midnight Wheat vs the Black.
  5. tbel

    Widow Maker Black Ale

    Thanks for the response! I'll add this to the long list of must brews!
  6. tbel

    Widow Maker Black Ale

    Well? How did this last batch compare? I hadn't thought to try and clone this, but I do enjoy it. The only way I get it is to take the one hour trip over to Wisconsin. Sorry to say the don't distribute to MN.
  7. tbel

    Glass carboy with hole on top

    I wonder if the OP is ever coming back to this thread, or brewing for that matter....... Best I can tell, he was last here on sept. 11th. He did say he was busy with life. I'll just be patient and wait for his results.
  8. tbel

    Another Temp Control Option? $29CDN

    I thought the same thing but didn't really look to close. If that's the case you can get one of these on eBay for $11-$12 with free shipping. I ordered one the other day. That site is a good source for replacement thermistors though.
  9. tbel

    STC 1000 "Ebay" Temperature Controller Build

    One problem you may have is that your diagram shows that your fridge uses a PTC thermistor. The STC-1000 uses a NTC. My understanding is they aren't interchangeable.
  10. tbel

    STC-1000 PID Controller

    Your home made thermowell looks great. Here is a link to some probes that should work to replace the one that came with it. Not all on this page will work. The ones labeled 10K ohm would be the ones your looking for as far as I can tell.
  11. tbel

    two free Killians Pint Glasses...

    Worked fine for me. Thanks!