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    Pleiades Honey Platinum Blonde Bombshell....what do you think?

    Fermentation is complete and I'm cold crashing to keg this week, looking forward to trying this new recipe.
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    Whirlpool ED27DQ question on coolant lines

    Thanks for the link, think I bought stuff from them in the past to repair another fridge and icemaker. The schematics were not much help, but I did a chat with the folks there and was advised that all coolant lines are under and in back wall, nothing is in fridge side wall. Course I'll still...
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    Whirlpool ED27DQ question on coolant lines

    Greeting All, I've converted a Whirlpool ED27DQ side by side to a 3 tap kegerator. I just got a new regulator with dual gauges so I can run different pressures to diff kegs if desired. I'd like to keep the CO2 and gauges on the outside of fridge to store more beer inside and keep gauges from...
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    Pleiades Honey Platinum Blonde Bombshell....what do you think?

    This recipe is big for a non IPA. 7 lb 10 oz 2 row, 1 lb honey malt, 5 lbs honey, 1 oz German Mandarina Bavarian hop for 60 min to bitter, 1 oz same hop for 1 minute for aroma. Mash efficiency extremely high, 7.5 gallon preboil at 1.040, after boiling with honey addition at 45 minute mark, 6...
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    What are you drinking now?

    An Amarillo I ponder what to brew this weekend.
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    Drip tray magnet mount...using driptray holes??

    Hello everyone, I was eyeballing a 14 x 6 wall mounted drip tray that had holes to hang on screw. Has anyone tried attaching the tray with machine screws and nuts to the earth magnets instead of gluing magnets to tray? I'm thinking if the screws were a tad loose, the tray could be...
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    Cleaning new keg set up

    Thanks, it is all brand new equipment. I'll just measure and cut the tubing to make the 3 pair of hose sets. I've been told 9 feet of the barrier beerline is good for the perlick 630 faucets.
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    Cleaning new keg set up

    I've been using the same old picnic tap forever and recently invested in the equipment to make a 3 tap keggerator from a fridge. Do I have to preclean the ball lock fittings, faucets, shanks, and hoses, or just run sanitizer though system via keg with some starsan ? Thanks
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    Cold Crashing, or should I say Cold Easing?

    I think the high heat on the back patio plus the freezer door not properly sealing is part of the problem. It has been running in the 90s. I vaced the coolant lines under the unit which were pretty dirty, but can't get temps below 47. Going to install blue foam board in freezer and caulk gaps to...
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    Ultra Barrier keg beverage tubing, 3/16 X 7/16 or the silver coated stuff?

    Hello everyone, Finally replacing picnic taps with perlick 650ss in a side by side for 3 kegs. Obviously need to get some new tubing. Does a homebrewer with a fairly short hose need the silver antimicrobial tubing or will the barrier hose be fine. Also for those using the silver coated...
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    New or Used Fridge for a Fermentation Chamber?

    I have an old side by side that I just turned into a fermentation chamber using an inkbird controller. It is still a work in progress, but having a shelf for multiple fermenters is what I'm doing. I fermented on the fridge floor, then after 3 weeks, moved the fermenter (speidel) to a shelf for...
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    Cold Crashing, or should I say Cold Easing?

    The fridge is a side by side and the freezer door is messed up so it does not close tightly, which is why it was taken offline and destined for the scrapyard till I decided to use it for fermentation. The temp has been slowly dropping daily, perhaps I should just unplug the controller and set...
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    Cold Crashing, or should I say Cold Easing?

    I converted an old fridge into a fermentation chamber with the help of an inkbird temp controller. Dialed the fermentation temp to 67 and let the batch sit for 3 weeks. Great stable temps even with the fridge on back poolpatio with 90 plus temps in afternoon. Adjusted temp control to 38 on...
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    Side by Side Fridge to Kegerator

    Awesome post! I'm getting ready to do the same thing to a side by side. My big question....will a 3 1/8 inch shank work for a door set up? I just saw a great price for a set up with 630ss, ss 3 1/8 " shank, hose and all fittings to connect to keg... ot sure what length is needed to go through...