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    from what ive seen there's two on right now, one on a&e and one on discovery, believe it or not...I'm not sure which one this episode was on, I'm not generally one for tv.....
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    Just saw an episode of the trash er... reality show exterminators where they had to clean out an evicted apt. of a homebrewer--I have no Idea how the guy made anything in that nasty place....anyone else see it?
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    Got laid off today

    We had a layoff in jan, 20 workers. Currently approximatly 85% of the shop is out on a 1.5 week layoff, supposedly are scheduled to come back on monday, I suppose well see. I have been one of the lucky ones on the shop floor. Engineering has not been touched at all, they have been working the...
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    anyone here install windows 7

    Me too, if by linux people you mean this: YouTube - Richar Stallman Free software Song
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    That smell...

    You are fortunate you arent in york with the ole codorus nearby
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    Was watchin that 'doc block' show lockup on cnbc the other week and they briefly showed confiscated plans for a still on the inside--claimed that they made 98% pure grain alcohol in it.....
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    Gotta love Sam's Club sometimes.....

    with all the lame and stupid quick six stores for a simple beer for take out--no other state ive ever been in has the expense and hassle that we do here :mad:
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    The cutest goddam thing on the planet....

    do post, do post....
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    Ever read cryptonomicon? That looks like Qwghlmian from that book (hysterical nerd novel, love it, read it and enjoy)
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    So... who's been laid off?

    Good luck to you IP. My job is secure for now, currently working in Blue Collar job as a machinist, have decent seniority and have the company paying for my papers (in final year of schooling and have another to go for work req.), and the company is in a situation in which foreign companies are...
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    How far is your commute? (one way)

    approximately 54 miles but rent here is still less than closer to work by more than the cost of gas with my car so im ahead.....its not bad, and the time gives me the ability to catch up on podcasts of the week
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    What OS are you currently using

    Run ubuntu 32 bit on desktop A64 4200x2 2gig (due to my having problems with getting ubuntu64 to do updates correctly on my machine for some reason) with a partition for windows xp64 (which i havnt booted into for more than 6 months) SWMBO's old dell has ubuntu on it, she occasionally cusses at...
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    Bastard gives Mean Cockpunch