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    Big wave golden ale?

    Nobody... Nothing? I am on the hunt for this one as well. I'd prefer an extract but am open to whatever at this point.
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    Kona big wave golden ale

    I am looking for the same. Preferablly and extract. I drank this the whole time we were in Hawaii 4 years ago and got hooked. It just finally showed up at one of the local stores for $8 / 6pack. It is good, but not $8/6pack good :)
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    Latest Brew... Big Double IPA

    OK I dry hopped this again last Saturday with 1oz of Simcoe and 1 oz of Amarillo. Dropped the temp down to 35 last night to cold crash and will be bottling this over the weekend. The aroma is fantastically hoppy, I hope it is maintained through bottle conditioning and I can't wait to taste...
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    A good Fermenting Temp Schedule for a Kolsch?

    I brewed my first Kolsch two weeks ago and was planning to rack to a secondary this weekend, and start the cold crash/lagering late next week. How does one determine "as much time as it needs in the primary". I have heard that at times the Krausen will not drop with a Kolsch, so what am I...
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    Latest Brew... Big Double IPA

    Actually after doing a little more reading, I am second guessing myself. I brewed this on 04/28 so it has been fermenting 3 weeks. I dry hopped in my primary and racked to a secondary about 10 days in. From the reading I have done today I am thinking that I may have lost some of the dry hop...
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    Latest Brew... Big Double IPA

    Thanks for all the feedback on this. I racked this to a secondary mid-week last week and was sitting just slightly above the specified 1.020 FG. I am planning to cold crash and bottle this weekend. I will let everyone know how it is looking at that time. I will definitely take the advice on...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    I just wanted to let Mike know (as most others have) that I have received RAVING reviews on this cider! "It tastes like I am drinking apple pie" was probably the most original... I let this thing ferment all the way down to 1.000 then back sweetend with 2 cans of AJC and the caramel. I was...
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    Magic Hat #9

    I have been drinking this for a few weeks now and it is pretty darn good and is definitely reflective of the flavor of a #9. From the first bottle I felt like there was some kind of an "off" aftertaste but couldn't really put my finger on it, so I did a side by side tasting with Magic Hat's #9...
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    Bottle Carbing Question

    not sure if this is the right forum or if it should go in the cider forum, but I have a general question about carbing. Do larger bottles carb at a different rate than smaller bottles? I bottled a cider last weekend that had numerous posts about bottle bombs if it is not pasturized at the...
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    Latest Brew... Big Double IPA

    I guess starter is not the proper term. After I mixed in all of my extracts, I pulled a few cups of wort out, cooled it in a sealed container and added the yeast while the boil was underway.
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    That being said has anyone tried the oven pasturing technique in lieu of stovetop?
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    Getting ready for my 3rd Extract (need recomendations)

    Here is what I went with I went with. I started another fourm to update on staus OG: 1.086 (I got a reading of 1.082, but that was likely due to not being fully mixed at the time of the sample) FG: 1.020 Alcohol: 8.5%...
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    Latest Brew... Big Double IPA

    I don't know when I will stop posting to the beginners forum, but I still feel like a novice so here it is. Yesterday, I started my 3rd brew (4th if you count my cider) and it was a Big Double IPA recipe from one of my local Homebrew supply stores. The recipe is below, 10+ pounds of...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    I bottled this past weekend (21 days from the start). I hit a FG of 1.000 give or take. Based on the feedback on this forum, I was a bit nervous about the cinamon and concentrate. I boiled the 2 tsp. of cinamon for a few minutes, then ran it through a fine strainer, then multiple coffee...
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    So who's worked in their main electrical panel?

    OK those pictures are pretty horrific, but are not indicitave of every DIY electrical upgrade that has ever been done. I completely rewired our old house from the weatherhead (wires that touch the house from the street) through the meter to the main panel and on to every switch, receptical and...