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    New beginnings

    I spent summers there in the 80's and early 90's. Southern part near Turnagain arm. All these years later I can still remember what the inside of the Bird House bar looked like. I wasn't drinking age at the time but that image is burned in. Best of luck to you.
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    "Inherited" an EdgeStar KC200A kegerator

    I have had a couple of trouble free years with KOMOS and Intertap. I drilled the tower for a third tap and it wasn't easy. Definitely well built with thick stainless. Add a Spring and a couple rebuild kits for peace of mind. Foward sealing is the way to go. I have a Fan in my fridge that...
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    InkBird ITC-1000F wiring

    The amp rating is in the manual that should have come with it. I believe it is 10A but consult the book. Glad you got it going.
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    InkBird ITC-1000F wiring

    Well that aint right. The terminals are not that robust on the stc. I tinned all my stranded wire to avoid any mishaps. Unhook everything and start over. Check for continuity between 1 and 2 then just powering the stc with no load connections. It's possible you had or now have a defective...
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    InkBird ITC-1000F wiring

    Sounds like a problem on the line side. Have a meter? It only takes one small strand to make contact on 1 and 2.
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    Simple one valve for hot and cold

    A faucet of some kind would give you better control of flow and temperature and with the cost of decent valves is probably about the same cost. Accidently leaving that mixing valve on seems like it could have undesirable effects.
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    Kveik Voss Simcoe IPA

    I would like to know how the temp change affects flavor in your opinion. I have always used voss in the mid 90's. Interesting post here about temperature and flavor. The "kveiky acidity/twang" described by the author at lower temps doesn't sound pleasant.
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    Mini-firdge Stainless Glycol Reservoir, What Connector to Use?

    I think you're looking for a bulkhead. Should be leak free if you use some o rings on a flat spot of the pan.
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    Swamp "Heater" for SS Brewtech Chronical

    I use a 300 watt heater in my old 10 gallon kettle. A pump in the kettle connects to an inkbird. In the 50 f ambient basement the aquarium heater can keep the water at 100f and the fermenter in the mid 90's without issue. I'd like to find a way to automate the change over from heat/ chill...
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    Kveik Voss Simcoe IPA

    I don't know that ever got an orange bomb out it. More of a subtle clean orange flavor that plays well with some hops. I should mention I also under pitch using one pack for 11 gallons of 1.050. From more beer website: Fermentation Range: 77-104°F (Optimal: 95-104°F)...
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    Kveik Voss Simcoe IPA

    Yes. Brutzyme I purchased from more beer. The ideal temp range is 50-68 but I have had no trouble putting it directly in the fermenter at pitch around 95f.
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    Kveik Voss Simcoe IPA

    I use it often in "Brut". Ferment in the mid 90's and the hydrometer is at 1 or below in 3 days. Great orange flavor.
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    Sparkling Water Setup

    I use that KegLand lid and it's been trouble free. Our city water through standard under sink filter then a check valve to the lid. Water pressure is 50psi and the co2 is set to 30psi.