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    Poll: Do you have, or plan to get, an electric car?

    I think this says it all...
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    If you LOVE your job...

    Here's some new stuff!
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    First attempt.

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    First attempt.

    here we are again...I have left this batch alone since last posting here and all activity has stopped. I have received both fermaids "O" and "K" Does anyone have any tips/tricks to get things re started? I am tossing the idea around of getting a gallon of cider and making a fresh "starter"...
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    First attempt. long does this stuff normally take? It's been 7 weeks and fermentation has slowed considerably, it's only at about 50% of the goal.
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    First ever batch. Don't worry about the headspace, I topped off with Co2 and a few banana slices for nutrient.
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    First attempt. [email protected],it.IS.topped.up...with.Co2.. just.until.I.get.marbles.. Oh,, all.I.had..
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    First attempt.

    I used boiled bread yeast, 2pkts for a total of about 42g's
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    First attempt.

    Noticeable fermentation begun, fitted airlock and 62F holding steady :rockin:
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    First attempt.

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    First attempt.

    I always shake the piss out my primaries during the first few days until I there is NOTICEABLE active fermentation. :u temps down to 64F
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    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    glory hole
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    First attempt.

    nutrient is the one thing i am fresh out of...i heard of boiling bread yeast and using that?
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    First attempt.

    what if I crushed and tossed couple mutlivitamin tablets that contain magnesium and calcium and such?
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    First attempt.

    too late...why isn't any of this information ever just up front? Especially in reference material aimed at newbies? Anyway, I'll drop in a few banana slices, that should help without adding any flavors to the finished product. :u Not all sugars were dissolved yesterday, OG rose to 1.151