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    selling brewery and kegerator birmingham al. area

    Selling all grain brewery and kegerator. 10 gal igloo cooler mash lauter tun with mesh bottom.2 carboys, turkey fryer, stainless steel boiling pot I forget how many qts. but It handles six or so gallon boils easily. All the misc. stuff also.Kegerator hold 2 corney kegs. Pm me if intersted. I am...
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    Airlock Troubles/Questions

    Maybe thats why your airlock doesnt bubble, with a 7500 psi gauge mine wouldn't either
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    Airlock Troubles/Questions

    I don't know if apfelwein puts of as much co2 as beer but I have never had an airlock not bubble with beer. Not trying to argue with revvy just my experience. But really get a hydrometer.
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    Irish moss?

    I noticed this was your first post if your brewing extract there is no need for irish moss
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    IPA gone wrong-- I think it's got mold. Salvageable?

    revvy forgive them we know you are not a post whore
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    not your every day infection question

    I bet you wont be able to tell the difference between them
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    Any SEWAGE-rs next weekend?

    comma comma
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    I hate my job. . .

    be true to ur self
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    did u really have to curse god to get a keg???????
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    American Wheat - thick mouthfeel, low FG

    wheat beers always have more mouth fill to me.with 1.008 I doubt you had alot of unfermentables.
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    How about an Homebrew Forum competition?

    Cheese we dont pay u to think now do we? wait we dont pay u I think it was a good idea
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    First all grain brew this past weekend

    congrats, I agree with noobrich I like to have a very hardy boil.
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    It's time . . .

    comma sause comma
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    Guess My Avatar

    herman hesse you didnt put a dead line on it!!!! up grade me!!!!
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    First All Grain, Done!

    let me know how it turns out not knockin u always interested in improving