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    Heating water for a bottle washer.

    Looking into a heat stick/immersion heater. Problem is they seem to give up pretty quick. Occasional use for a bottle washer may be OK. I always check the 1 star reviews. Was wondering if someone here had a reliable recommendation. This one is 1500W...
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    Heating water for a bottle washer.

    Due to a loose clamp, the kitchen ceiling needs repainting and I am banned. Decided to put my bottle washer in a self contained tub with a lid. It had to be deeper and therefore bigger than my old 20 bottle tub, so I also upgraded to 30 bottles. However hot water becomes an issue. Anyone here...
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    Double milled for BIAB

    Homebrew supply adds 1-00 per pound for double milled grains. Is there a better/cheaper option/supplier? I don't want to spend the cash on a mill. I only brew 2G at a time, not very often.
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    3G Fastferment stand

    LOL She thinks she is human. Follows me everywhere. Was just being nosy.
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    120V biab in 5gal Bayou classic. 2gal batch. Recirc.

    I posted elsewhere about the space under the Bayou basket running dry during recirculate. This started after I swapped from paint strainer to a proper bag. Obviously finer and not draining fast enough to keep up with the pump. . My last brew I had some scorching smell before I realized what was...
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    BIAB Help

    2Gal, Electric RIMS kinda setup. 5? gallon Bayou Classic with basket. Using a little 12v pump to circulate the wort. While I was using paint bag to hold grains, no problem. Recently upgraded to Wilser bag, and its a finer mesh. However, the pump drains faster than the bag can drain. The well...
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    3G Fastferment stand

    Made this to hold the 3Gal Fastferment in a mini fridge. Going to do a Lager soon. Finally got my hands on a used "brewbysmith" controller.
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    To chill or not?

    2 gal Electric BIAB recirc. Because I only do 2 gal brews, the level of the wort is not too high above the element. Not much space to use a chiller. I tried building one that lays flat on the bottom, with a "tunnel" to bridge the element. I was wondering if there was a downside to just letting...
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    Flaked corn

    BIAB Electric 2Gal occasional brewer A while ago I had the local brew store put together a recipe that need a small quantity of flaked corn. However, I had to buy a full 1lb packet. Now I am wondering what adding flaked corn to my own recipes would do to an IPA? [my favorite]
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    Bottling from a Fastferment 3G

    Has anyone out here made something, or modified their ridiculously stupid bottling system for the 3 gal Fastferment? Its a 10" pipe that has to make two 90deg turns in order to get to the neck of the bottle. It kinks,reducing flow, and has about 2" left to get into the bottle.
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    is 1/2 packet US-05 good for a 2.5G batch? Split 5G recipe for a SMASH with Ctra and Cascade.
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    Measured liquid pourers

    Was thinking something automatic, like this. 2 oz biggest I can find.
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    Measured liquid pourers

    Anyone know of a liquid pourer that is bigger than 1.5oz alchahol? My 30 bottle washer works great now, and I like to store my cleaned GROLSCH bottles with 3-4 Oz of Starsan. One shot pouring would be great. Right now I use a soup lade and funnel.
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    Cold water bottle washing

    If using TSP/oxiclean mix, is it possible to use cold water? I have a homebuilt bottle washer that I have been using in the kithen sink and counter. Small accident sprayed water over ceiling, so wife banned me from kitchen. Thinking of moving to outdoors, but hot water is an issue.
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    Can you make a plastic cone into a conical fermenter? Are fittings too large?