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    Pennsylvania (39) old fliptop Grolsch bottles for sale

    I have 39 old fliptop grolsch bottles for sale. $50 Or best offer. Pictures available upon request Located in Bethlehem (Lehigh Valley), Pennsylvania..
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    Pennsylvania Beer and Wine making Equipment

    I'm clearing out my basement and have a whole bunch of beer and wine making stuff. (2) 15 gallon cut boil kegs $75 ea (3) 15 gallon stainless steel boil pots $50 ea (1) 9.5 gallon boil pot with valve $40 (1) 57 gallon barrel with port (no valve) $275 (15) 5 gallon glass carboys $20 ea (1)...
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    Philly area - looking for kegs

    I have these kegs available. Pm me if your interested
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Who's Up?
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    Pennsylvania (6) Pin Lock Corny kegs available $45 ea.

    Hi..Thanks for the offer. I'll just keep them at that rate. I have sold quite a few and offering $100 for 6 is ridiculous.
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    Pennsylvania 3-1bbl blichman fermenters $1000 each in eastern pa

    Wow..Wish I had the funds..These are awesome.
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Wow.. lots of movement since I last posted..
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    Connecticut Downsizing: Selling all brewing gear

    Are the big mouths plastic or glass?
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    Craft Beer MAW

    TobyG Did you ever receive your grant box?
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    Craft Beer MAW

    @TobyG Did you ever receive your grant box?
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Dumm..dumm.. Dumm.. Do you like your bud ice?
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    Pennsylvania (6) Pin Lock Corny kegs available $45 ea.

    Located in Bethlehem, Pa. I have (6) Pin Lock Corny Kegs available. $200 for ALL 6 kegs Cleaned with new gaskets. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking..
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    Bourbon Mead help please

    10 lbs ÷5 = 2 lbs per gallon.. Your measurement looks about right( 1.068 ).. I generally estimate 1 pound of honey into 1 gallon of water equals 1.032 gravity per gallon.. so 2 pounds would be right about there.. Where all your previous batches 5 gallons? If your looking for 14% ABV.. that's...