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    Paintball CO2 cga-320 adaptor

    Wow. I didnt now that I neeeded something like this to begin with. I am going to be doing the same thing. Was hoping I could just hook up my spare regulator and go with that. On a side note, how many kegs would a 9oz canister pump? I would only use Sanke kegs for my party tap. How many...
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    Keezer Collar the Coastarine Way

    Very nice write up. Really liked how you used all manual tools. What alot of people have in their kitchen. If I ever make a Keezer, will be following the same steps :D
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    Whatever Happened To Dive Bars?

    We have the Anderson Mill Tavern for a dive bar. Its awesome too . Shuffleboard, pool, even Texas Holdem ! Its in the same shopping center as a church and a day care even. Last time I was there this one guy brought the cordless phone from his home so he could talk to people. Laughed my...
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Holder Beer Brewery Its my last name, and it sounds kind of catchy :D
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    Flagon 400 Kegerator

    So I bought a kegerator off craigslist for a buddy of mines 50th bday. The guy says that it needs a recharge, and we dont want to put the wrong kind of refrigerant so I am trying to find a User Manual. The original maker from the tag says that it is from the Cooler Corporation of America, and...
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    Another "anyone tried this" thread with a story

    how did this turn out? Did the beer taste pretty good?