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    ferment chamber - space heater...Safe??

    The yeast tell you at what temperature they are happy. Experiment with the least expensive heat source solution for your chamber. Trust yourself. And of course the yeast.
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    What I did for beer today

    Moved some of the Irish Red I brewed last month to the bottle. I usually keg the first five gallons and keg the rest. As I had been consuming 2L soda bottle samples I thought I may have removed more than I thought. Bottling over three cases is not what I intended. Beginning to plan my steam...
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    Bottling from 55L fermzilla

    I attach a bottling wand directly to my fermentor. One tab of Coopers drop per bottle works great. I usually keg the first Five gallons and bottle the rest. Secure transaction Secure transaction Ships fromShips from AmazonAmazon Coopers DIY Home Brewing Carbonation Drops
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    Calculator for DME additions?

    or use BeerSmith.
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    Every batch I make is sour

    Maybe it is the prehopped kit. Try an extract from a different source company. Then brew it only after you have sanitized per above.
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    New and Obsessed!

    1) yes 2) No Read more info on this site. You will be fine. Your enthusiasm is well noted. We are here to assist.
  7. Surly

    New and Obsessed!

    The most important thing IMHO at this point is a carboy carrier to keep you safe and brewing.
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    Kegging next batch directly after previous. Cleaning keg

    No doubt. And one of them is the respect you have earned here at HBT. Thanks for your service tous.
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    Mold in Sanitizer

    That may be it. Your beer will be fine.
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    Mold in Sanitizer

    I save my Star San in a five gallon bucket. I will mix up two and a half gallons And use it over the next three brew days or so. Although I have observed mold at times on the cover never in the sanitizer. I am fine with this process and have never had an issue. I only keep it a month or so then...
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    Spike 30 gallon boil kettle.

    I have a Spike condenser lid. Would like brew kettle to go with it.
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    I wanted to try out some brewing gloves. To get free shipping I socked up on supplies I go through regularly. I will brew a 12 gallon batch and keg five. I then bottle the rest using carb tabs right from my conical.
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    Help please .

    Looks like you brewed beer.