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    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Sweet potato hash. Sauteed the sweet potatoes in coconut oil, seasoned with our favorite herb blend, glazed with a bit of maple syrup. Served on leftover jasmine rice with egg, sambal oelek, and homemade Greek yogurt.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    My first attempt at Common Room ESB--strike water heating on the stove for my new "mash inside, boil outside, it's winter" 2.5 gallon method.
  3. SuchSweetThunder

    Will this flavor go away with lagering?

    That's sounds about right. I opened a Uinta Baba Black lager right after and tasted a very similar flavor, like I mentioned--it probably is just green. Thanks for the reassurance! I'll try it in a few months when it's done.
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    Will this flavor go away with lagering?

    I brewed a schwarzbier-like beer with Wyeast California Lager. I got a pretty old pack of yeast, but built up a starter to pitch at the correct level. The beer fermented to where it should have; I fermented in the mid-60s, keeping it as cool as I could. I just moved to lager and it has what I...
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    What's your profession?

    PhD student. I research crazy avant-garde music no one's ever heard of. It's a sweet gig.
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Harechaser Brewing--logo is a black greyhound, mid-stride (all four legs overlapping in the middle)--in honor of my ridiculous, enthusiastically-running dog
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    Help me with my first saison recipe

    I concur on the Vienna--I sometimes go that route for a fall-ish saison, but I'm quicker to add other grains (rye especially) for some malt interest than Vienna. My favorite saisons have been pretty much pilsner-wheat-(rye) and lots of spicy Saaz, and that's about it.
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    Our greyhound (and I think many greyhounds) does a similar thing--if the pressure changes, she starts shaking. Thunder bothers her as well, but she anticipates it, and just kind of shakes and pants. I can second the thunder shirt, that definitely helps her at least lay down. She likes to lay...
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    Recipe Critique: stone-ish IPA

    I'm planning a big-ish IPA to brew the end of this month. I've never made an IPA in bigger than a 2 gallon batch--this will be 5 gallons. As such, I'm hoping to get some input to improve the end product. Here's what I've got (using Brewer's friend, 70% expected efficiency, full-volume BIAB)...
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    What size socket attachment

    oddly enough, it looks like one keg has a diameter of 11/16s and the other is 13/16s. Guess I'll have to try both...
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    What size socket attachment

    I have a couple of used kegs with sticky posts. I have a socket wrench set, but none of the attachment are deep enough to get down to the threading, if that makes sense. They seem to be typical ball-lock kegs. My normal wrench has been fine until now, but this might need a socket. Thanks!
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    Free Extract Sour Recipe Input

    Cherries could be cool, I'll have to see what I can find. I guess I meant "sour" in the broad sense--the beer I'm mimicking is only lightly tart, I'm really just going for the b.lambicus sort of flavor. I'll get to this next week and finalize between now and then.
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    Free Extract Sour Recipe Input

    While shopping at Northern Brewer a few weeks ago I received a free dry stout extract kit. Unfortunately I already have 5 gallons of stout done and it's getting too warm here for more stout, so I'm thinking of repurposing the LME and making a Brett lambicus Saison (like Katy from 2nd Shift...
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    First lager question

    I've had it lagering for 2 weeks at this point...going to let it stay in there a bit longer before kegging (I actually need a keg in which to put it first). I'm hoping I can squeeze two kegs into my ancient craigslist kegerator, otherwise I either need to down a stout real fast before summer or...
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    First lager question

    Hello all, I have my first all-grain pilsner lagering as I type. I am wondering about the post-lagering stage. I plan to keg the batch, but due to fridge space maybe not have it on tap for a bit. Is it ok to keep it in a keg closer to room temperature after lagering, or should I keep it cold...