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    Not even three hours into a starter. Activity already?

    I hope this picture posts ok. Is this normal for a starter to look like this after about 2.5 hours? I did throw in a pinch of yeast energizer.
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    Is it possible to pitch too much yeast?

    I'm going to make a starter for an OG of 1.086. The Brewer's Friend calculator said I need 323 billion cells. With a 2L starter I would get 462 billion cells. Is that too much? Does that calculator take into account left over cells needed for priming?
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    Harvesting yeast for a Hopslam clone

    Will that be enough for a Hopslam? That's not even a 1L starter
  4. StrongBad42

    Harvesting yeast for a Hopslam clone

    I'm going to buy some Bell's Amber Ale to harvest from. I'm just wondering how many I should use? It will be going into a 3L starter.
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    Culturing yeast from a bottle

    I thought I've been through a thread that had step-by-step instructions how to do it. Can someone please direct me to the thread?
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    Question about air temp in fermenting fridge

    I'm brewing a hopslam clone and recently hooked up an ITC-1000 to our extra fridge. I was thinking of keeping the air temp inside the fridge to about 60 degrees. Should be ok, yeah?
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    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the project box?
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    Help wiring ITC-1000 into refrigerator thermostat

    Wouldn't it just control when the freezer blows cold air into the refrigerator? There are separate controls for the fridge and freezer
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    Help wiring ITC-1000 into refrigerator thermostat

    I've been looking through the forums and am having a hard time finding what I need. I'd like to wire an ITC-1000 into a refrigerator thermostat and still be able to keep the freezer on top functional. Can anyone direct me to a diagram or video?
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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Imperial IPA extract
  11. StrongBad42

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale (AG and Extract versions)

    Is the recipe on page 1 still the recipe everyone uses or is there an updated recipe somewhere in there?
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    What would happen if I brewed a batch that was nearly all sugar?

    First glass: Ugh! Gross! Second glass: So gross! Third glass: I'm drunk! Still gross