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  1. stonenic

    Pirate Ale and Pumpkin Ale Labels

    Awesome labels. I love the colors of the oval frame.
  2. stonenic

    Using ice to chill

    Do you add calcium sulfate to get the hardness back?
  3. stonenic

    Using ice to chill

    After a couple of late nights waiting for my worts to cool enough to pitch the yeast I've stared using ice (about 10lbs) instead of tap water to top off my 3gallons of wort. I've done this for my last 3 batches and haven't noticed any problems. Does anyone else do this? Is this a horrible idea?
  4. stonenic

    What's up with the bottle brush?

    When I reuse bottles I've found that giving them a good rinse and then storing them upside down goes a long way to avoiding any gunk build up.
  5. stonenic

    Hydrometers stink!

    I've always just used ABV = (OG-FG) x 105 x 1.25 I've never used any volumes. How are you calculating your ABV?
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    My Nugget and Cascade plants.
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    Lable made my my sister-in-law
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