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  1. Stollejocke

    Reusing Kveik yeast

    Lol yea that is how they do it on the farms in Norway . I just love how you can harvest the Kveik so easy. I will never ever have to buy yeast again. And one funny thing is, in say 5 years ahead, i will be using the "same" yeast as i harvested this March. 😀
  2. Stollejocke

    Reusing Kveik yeast

    Yes but the Kveik has always been used like this. In Norway the farmers dried the yeast on logs or even sticks. Kveik is really strong
  3. Stollejocke

    Reusing Kveik yeast

    Like this
  4. Stollejocke

    Reusing Kveik yeast

    I smear it out very thin on a baking paper. Then let it dry with a fan blowing air on it. Normally dries in 5h
  5. Stollejocke

    Reusing Kveik yeast

    I always dry a part of my slurry. Then i store the flakes in my freezer. I get around 30g of flakes every batch
  6. Stollejocke

    ELI5: Why can’t other yeasts be dried like kveik?

    Kveik has been used like that for hundreds of years in norway. So i guess the yeast just adapted
  7. Stollejocke

    Kveik yeast cake

    I recently started to harvest my Kveik. I scoop up some cake and smear it out to dry on some bakingpaper. I get 30g every batch. And every batch i use 8-11g depending on OG. I will never have to buy yeast again 👍
  8. Stollejocke

    Kveik yeast cake

    2 tablespoons should be plenty for 19l i think. Plz correct me if im wrong plz. I also wanna now for sure.
  9. Stollejocke


    This yeast is easy to get hold of in sweden.I pitched this earlier today in an IPA OG 1.070.I pitched at 36 Celsius and wrapped a winterjacket around the fermenter.Had to head to work after that and just got back some 9h later.It must have taken off like a rocket.Under the jacket the fermenter...
  10. Stollejocke

    Coopers fermentation vessel

    I have the same issue.But i have found its not that big problem after all. Im using S-04 and have found that any trub i get in the bottles drops like concrete to the bottom of my bottles.
  11. Stollejocke

    Boiling water in Coopers craft fermenter

    Oki thx for answer.I think i will let it cool naturally then.
  12. Stollejocke

    New post a picture of your pint

    My Citra/Mosaic DDH
  13. Stollejocke

    Boiling water in Coopers craft fermenter

    Hey Is the Coopers craft fermenter safe to pour boiling water in?I sometimes do BIAB and are planning to transfer it directly from boil into the fermenter. Thx
  14. Stollejocke

    Double can irish stout with 500g lactose yay or any?

    I kinda did this but without the lactose.I got the Cooper Original Stout intended for a 5 gallon batch but did it in my Coopers Craft fermenter (2 gallon) combined with 1kg BE3. Ofcourse it turned out sweet but in a good way.The sweetness is very much like brown sugar.I think im gonna do this...