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    What is your cutoff time of day to start brewing?

    I brew on a Unibrau 10G and I brew just about at any time I can make it work. Also having a young kiddo and a wife who’s a doctor amidst a pandemic makes me very sympathetic to OP. I’ve been able to brew in the mornings on a few of the days where I have a work holiday but kiddo goes to daycare...
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    What equipment should I get, dazed and confused.

    As long as you don’t have to leave in the middle of a brew day you can manage. You need a 2-6 hr chunk (depending on your eventual setup) when you’re guaranteed to be around. The rest can be managed with automation and most beer is happy to sit in a primary or secondary fermentation vessel...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    Oooh yeah, and 5.5 gal Brut IPA, so… 8381.25 + 5.5 = 8386.75
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    5.5 gal Blonde 8375.75 + 5.5 = 8381.25
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    Belgian beer fermentation temp steps

    Just finished fermentation on a Belgian Dark Strong with WLP 530. I set the temp to 68 for a few days and it straight stalled until I let temps rise to the 70s. I use a tilt to monitor activity, so I got to see it all play out. It picked right back up and I hit my attenuation target, but the...
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    Black IPA thing of the past?

    I’m honestly still playing with my hop profile to nail down just what I’m looking for. I like my piney hops, but the beer is my wife’s favorite and she prefers the fruitier ones. Next iteration will be Nelson Sauvin for bittering, Azacca, Mosaic, and Idaho (#7 or Gem, haven’t decided) in the...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    6.5 gal Belgian Quad 7083.5+6.5= 7090
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    Extract brewer eyeing BIAB

    I’ll offer that the consideration to eventually go electric (if you’re thinking along those lines) should drive your eventual kettle purchase. Agreed that especially given budget constraints you don’t have to go there now. I’ve seen other people suggest an induction cooktop like the one here...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    10 batches x 5 gal = 50 6751.5+50=6801.5
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    Black IPA thing of the past?

    i dunno about that description. With preference obviously your mileage may vary, but I found them to be the unanswered promise of the IPL… crisp and flavorful. Have had plenty of undesirable examples, so I see why you’d say that.
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    Black IPA thing of the past?

    Yeah, I’m with OP. Same with Brüt IPAs that seem to be just about gone in the NEIPA craze. I prefer the term Cascadian Dark ale because it just makes more marketing sense to me, but whatever you call it a hoppy dark ale is welcome in my home. This sorta thing is what I love about being a home...
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    55 lbs of Franco-Belgian Pilsner malt for a quad and several recipes to be decided later
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    Kveik yeast underattenuating?

    ^fermented with Loki (Imperial A43)
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    Kveik yeast underattenuating?

    Having the same issue to a lesser degree with a ghost pepper pale ale right now. I started at 1045 and expected 1007, but I’m flatlining at 1011. Fermented at the low end of the spectrum, so I guess I’ll just suck up my low ABV and package after a few more days of warmer temps to allow for any...
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    Ok, crazy idea...

    You could always use something like a blichmann hop rocket or an in-line filter as a Randall to get some fresh hop additions in-line