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    Meat Mead

    Not sure how this would translate but I will say I have made a Bacon Vodka before for a party with bloody marys and it turned out quite tasty. Not sure if that's what you were aiming for. I cooked two pieces of bacon, put the drippings and bacon pieces in the vodka, gave it a good shake , then...
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    Best way to get labels off wine & whiskey bottles?

    I also use the hot water in a pot on the stove with Oxiclean. Get the water nice and hot, almost boiling, and then hold the bottle in for a minute. The label and glue seem to come right off, easy peasy.
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    OMG Mead is my new favorite drink. My first Mead brew.

    Welcome to the mead fam! Mead usually comes out rocket fuel then mellows over time. Make sure to pick up a hydrometer if you haven't yet! It's always good to have accurate sugar readings and also know what you're ABV is! Different honey have different taste and profiles. If you're ever up for...
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    Sanitized marbles ?

    The glass marbles are pretty easy to use. Sanitize and drop in to fill. I think it's best to insert as many as you think you'll need first (before the mead transfer to reduce splashing) and while the carboy is on the side so they don't drop hard onto the bottom.
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    Done fermentation - Now what?

    I use K Sorbate for preserving and stabilizing and only use a cold crash and some time for clarity. Might invest into a 1 or 3 micron filter sometime to hasten things just haven't dropped the cash.
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    Sediment after filtering and bottling

    Yep, it happens in mead and in wines but you can decant off. The sediment is harmless in small amounts, you can drink them without worry. Could make you gassy if you drink a a bunch. It's mainly yeast and proteins falling out of suspension. Interesting that you put them through a filter though...
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    How do y'all make low(er) alcohol mead?

    All I typically make are session meads. I use half the honey, ferment fully, stabilize, and back sweeten. Another commercial favorite of mine for session meads is Meridian Hive. They can ship some delicious 4 packs for $10 plus shipping. Superstition also does a few but I prefer their full meads...
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    24hr and no fermentation.

    Nice! Gotta love how temperamental yeast can be! lol Happy it was such an easy fix!
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    24hr and no fermentation.

    Did a search on here and found a thread for lemon mead. @MedsenFey said this "Fermenting lemonade can be a challenge due to pH being so low. There are two approaches that I know can work. 1. Ferment by using the yeast cake from a prior fermentation using a yeast like EC-1118 that is tolerant of...
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    24hr and no fermentation.

    That is a tough one. Maybe PH is the hold up? 🤷‍♂️ The other two seem like they have a lot less acidity. Wine yeast like being in the 3.5 range. I'd love to hear from others on this as Sima is pretty popular mead style. I haven't made one so idk.
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    24hr and no fermentation.

    hmm... odd. What are the other meads? I'm wondering if the raspberry lemonade used for this recipe is store bought and if it was checked for preservatives. I know a lot of store shelf juices use sodium benzoate which would prevent fermentation.
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    When to stop...

    Buy a hydrometer, they are cheap and extremely useful / practically a necessity. This will tell you when all the sugars have been converted by fermentation. Bubbles are sign of gas(es) being released. At that rate I wouldn't bottle and would wait. Yeast are living organisms, which can make them...
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    I can’t tell if something went wrong...

    If you go to a homebrew store they typically have instructions. I had to calculate mine down from 30 gallons I believe but it's there. As for flavor, I guess an easy answer would be to try a bit! haha! I never have however I know sulfites produces sulfur so you can tell when it's in there. The...
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    I can’t tell if something went wrong...

    Nice! Happy to hear it seems like it's fixable! Make sure you use about a 1/2 tsp of potassium sorbate per gallon of mead when you back sweeten so you don't end up with the mistake I did and get a second fermentation! Cheers!
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    I can’t tell if something went wrong...

    I used 3 additions. 2 using heat to steep (I boiled the water then pulled off the heat, gave it some time while I opened 20 tea bags lol and then added them to the water) and 1 cold steeping in the secondary like a dry hop for a couple days. 64 bags total. The honey masks almost all of the tea...