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  1. stee41

    My new venture

    How about having a donation box, donate to "something" and you can sample a craft beer free of charge, that way you are not selling the homebrewed ale... just a suggestion and not sure of the legalities but I would think there is a loop hole there somewhere :D
  2. stee41

    Some help here guys, think I've stuffed this up !!

    yeah its invert sugar, trying to get near a Vienna lager recipe ;)
  3. stee41

    Some help here guys, think I've stuffed this up !!

    yeah, beer Hydrometer at 70c, reading was 1048, Lyles was 454g tin, extract? didnt use any :)
  4. stee41

    Some help here guys, think I've stuffed this up !!

    Any advice appreciated?, I've probably got this wrong and using what grains/hops etc I have to hand, temps too high? etc 4 LBS 3oz Domestic 2-Row 2 LBS 4oz Munich Malt 4 LBS 5oz Vienna Malt 3oz Torrefied Wheat 1Tbs 5.2ph added to Mash Mash at 174F (79C) for 90 mins in 18L water (80C)...
  5. stee41

    Ordinary Bitter Boddington's Bitter

    following this to the recipe but on reading Graham wheelers book, he often suggests using considerably more yeast than the 5gm packs you get from brew shops, so I have made a 24gm SO4 starter 24 hours before I start to brew, whats the opinion on this will I be fine, would hate to end up with...
  6. stee41

    Acrylic or Polycarbonate tubing?

    ah right, thanks for that, nice one!
  7. stee41

    Help getting Starsan please folks!

    Hi all, Can anyone help me get some Starsan, as far as I'm aware we dont have anything like it in the UK here, unless someone can tell me otherwise? Obviously I will pay all shipping etc to the UK.. any offers? :mug:
  8. stee41

    Acrylic or Polycarbonate tubing?

    Hi all, I am making a sight glass for my keggle (gas operated) do I use Acrylic tubing or Polycarbonate, and is this tubing ok to use with brass compression fittings and brass olives? cheers all
  9. stee41

    sight glass help

    I seen a topic of someone who just made a sight glass anyone point me in the right direction as I cant find the flippin thing? cheers all
  10. stee41

    cornie set up question

    I have a 70/30 mix gas bottle and regulator, I would like to run up to 4 cornie kegs from the gas bottle, can anyone tell me the best/cheapest way to do this and also what I would need cheers all stee41 Location: Newcastle upon tyne
  11. stee41

    cooler questions

    That sounds interesting, although I suppose I would have to mess with the pressure to get it right, do you think I could run 4 Cornie kegs like this? Will ask on other forums in the Uk for opinions and to see if other brewers have tried this, but sounds an easy fix for me. Thanks for that...
  12. stee41

    cooler questions

    Hi all, Is it possible to run beer from more than one cornelius keg through a one line maxi cooler? :confused:
  13. stee41

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Man! I just cracked open my Apfelwein, its fantastic, I follwed the recipe but added 1/2 bottle of wine sweetener as it fermented out extremely dry, it has been lying for 2 months in a keg, what can I say, everone that has tried it finds it hard to believe that this is homemade and not bought...
  14. stee41

    Can live yeast be frozen...?

    I seem to remember that live yeast can be frozen in tin foil to be used at a later date, if anyone knows if this is correct, what is the procedure? cheers all stee :mug:
  15. stee41

    I cant find this yeast.....

    Hi all, Anyone know where I may get this wet yeast?..... WY1469 its so hard to find here in the UK, if possible I will order it from the USA or somewhere else? stee41 :mug: