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    Fast Ferment leak - glue? putty? silicone?

    Hi all, I recently bought/setup a Fast Ferment setup and have finally gotten around to setting it up. While leak testing it I have been getting a slow but persistent leak at the conical/valve interface. I tried teflon tape at 4 wraps no luck, 6, no luck, 8, no luck...14, no luck. Tapered tape (8...
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    BTUs required for 55 gallon brew kettle?

    My service, per my gas company rep, is 320 max cubic feet per hour. Using my google-rule-of-thumb 1cf/hr=1000 BTU per hour, so guessing that's about perfect for a 320,000btu burner if nothing else downstream is using natural gas. Sound right? I'll dig up that cast iron pipe and tell the...
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    BTUs required for 55 gallon brew kettle?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I spoke with Blichmann and they recommended strongly against using their floor burner, saying it's too small both from a btu perspective and a physical size perspective. So I'm going custom. Through many other threads, listed below, I think 320,000BTU NG jet...
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    BTUs required for 55 gallon brew kettle?

    Got a deal on a blichmann55 and need to figure out how to heat this hoss. Have a good welder, just need to know a burner/regulator recommendation...and if my 4ounce residential natural gas service is enough to feed the burner/regulator?