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    In Italy, there's really no tipping (it's built into the check, isn't expected and isnt' done), and the service isn't good. Tip's do induce better service.
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    Restaurant Tragedy

    Ummm, that wasn't cheese. :D
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    2010 Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

    Yeah, i thought the Augustiner and Hacker Pschorr tents were really cool too. The Lowenbrau tent wasn't bad. I thought it was kinda fun, but we ended up sitting next to some locals that were pretty nice and fun to talk too. Most of the beer it pretty much the same anyways, although, the...
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    Caramel cream ale?

    stop making this beer. it's terrible and pretty much a joke.
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    The Big Picture - Oktoberfest 2010

    the dirndl's are definitely very hot.
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    2010 Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

    I was at Andech's on Monday, Sept. 21. The walk up (pilgramage) was kinda neat but long. The beer and food is great there. The Spaten tent suck. Don't bother with them. The Hippodrome tent sucks also. If you're in Munich for awhile. Go on Mike's Bikes Tour. Lots of fun and worth it.
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    Octoberfest Season!!

    No, it's not. At Oktoberfest, in Munich, it's fest bier that they serve (it's actually pretty much a Helles). Marzen isn't served at ANY of the tents. Marzen is typically, darker, and certainly maltier, than what is served at Oktoberfest in Munich.
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    It's Always Sunny

    New season starts Sept. 16th.
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    OH MY GOD MY LEGS (exercise pain thread)

    If the soreness continues, try pickle juice or apple cider vinegar. i think it's like 4 oz. of either. And, if it's possible, get a creatine drink to do with your work outs and before bed, immediately afterwards, have a protein drink/shake, and take a glutamine suppliment drink before bed...
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    Top 5 movie tough guys and gals.

    Blade from the Blade Trilogys
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    GPS for your car. Who has them??

    Smart phone is definitely the way to go if you're going to upgrade anyways. I have a droid and think it's awesome. Not only does it have google maps and a built in GPS it also has free apps that help you track your workouts (if you're a jogger or biker) but also other things like Pandora and...
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    Top 5 Beers!

    Surely Furious
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    the 'Hawks after 49 years!!!!!

    Awesome series. The Hawks clearly deserved that trophy. Top-to-bottom, the best team in the NHL. The BS calls throughout the entire series was pretty tough to stomach too. I'm not conspiracy theorist, but I seemed like a lot of the calls were intended to keep the series going. AND, the thing...
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    Central, IL tornados, 6-5-10

    Thankfully there were no fatalities ... Not really the same, but I was in Dwight/Odell that morning/afternoon right before the storms hit.