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    adding canned pumpkin? When?

    UPDATE: 10.11.12 About a week ago I moved the beer over to the secondary fermenter and learned a valuable lesson... When i initially dumped my boil pot into the primary i did not strain out ANYTHING. (That has never been an issue for me since i brew mini-mashes with the steeping bag that...
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    adding canned pumpkin? When?

    I did not do a full mash on this, so adding any pumpkin to the mash stage was not an option. I had debated whether to keep the can of pumpkin for the secondary or to add during the boil and i defaulted to adding during the boil... probably cause i had too much homebrew at the time and thought...
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    when to add vanilla extract?

    havent had a chance to brew this recipe again yet. work had me out of town for nearly a month and then a bunch of familty stuff... anyways, still waiting to see how it works. i experimented with vanilla yesterday a little, but in a pumpkin beer. all i did so far was to add it to the pumpkin...
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    adding canned pumpkin? When?

    Good to hear some input. Thanks guys! I brewed yesterday and used a full pumpkin (quartered, spiced and roasted) and a can of pureed pumpkin in the boil along with a small grain bag with (whole) cinnamon sticks, allspice, and nutmeg. Gotta admit.. got a little drunk since i had friends over...
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    adding canned pumpkin? When?

    I am brewing a pumpkin ale and am roasting a pumpkin with pumpkin spices on it during its oven time and adding some spices to the boil as well; plan on adding the entire pumpkin during the boil but also have canned pumpkin that i am planning to add later. Question is: 1) when to add...
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    Defalco's Great Pumpkin Ale? Anyone tried it?

    Looking to get into a pumpkin beer and havent tried theirs, but have always had good luck from their recipes in the past. I am looking for a sweet pumpkin beer.. the kind that a brown sugar rim would compliment well (by wifes's request). So im open to suggestions and any input anyone may...
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    Blueberry Bomb

    Interested to hear. Want pictures too. Doesn't seem quite long enough to sit on the fruit to really absorb the flavor and mellow out.
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    New Kegerator CO2 leaking?

    FINAL RESOLUTION! FIXED!!!! Lo and behold, I had to dunk the tank and regulator only to find out the regulator was leaking from the gas inlet tube from the tank. Wasn't nearly tight enough from the factory.
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    Kegging Before Bottling

    +1 to the blichmann beer gun! Bought one a few months ago because I was brewing more than drinking so it was a chance to clear the keg out and stockpile previous batches for future comparison. Works great. Just added a splitter from my regulator so I have one line going to the keg like normal...
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    I have both a keezer and a kegerator. My basement stays around 68 most of the time so I haven't tried lagering yet just use the keezer for miscellaneous craft beers and home brew. The kegerator (at least for now) is for the party beer and the swmbo so it holds a commercial keg of mich ultra.
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    New Kegerator CO2 leaking?

    Edit:: that was NOT the fix. How important is that little rubber whistle looking thing that attaches at the tap side of the co2 line? Because as I was unhooking things to tear it all apart and dunk the whole system in the bathtub, I saw that little bastard in a plastic bag in the back of the...
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    New Kegerator CO2 leaking?

    I have two kegs. One is a corny with its own tank and regulator system; it is in its own keezer. The one in question here is a sanke keg with its own tank and regulator system. On this kegerator, the tank and regulator sits behind the kegerator so the tank stays at room temp, yes I have...
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    Bottling from a keg

    Does bottling with a beer gun count? Those last a long time... The longest I tested with just filling bottles from the keg using a picnic tap and a bottle filler, was for a month and they lasted well.
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    New Kegerator CO2 leaking?

    anyone?? Im going nuts here. One freakin' keg and im about to hook up my 3rd CO2 tank! Could it be the keg itself? Would Keglub be a fix? Should I cave and replace the entire regulator and CO2 hose assembly?
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    New Kegerator CO2 leaking?

    UPDATE 3/3/12 I pulled the tap and checked for the washer, i didnt see any place for anything that was missing, but any pictures of this would be GREATLY appreciated. However, I have wrench tightened EVERY connection, Teflon taped each connection, and sprayed a soapy water solution on every...