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    Reuse primary as secondary?

    You certainly can do that, I don't think the infection risk is that high. The only benefit is that it will clarify a bit and be less chunky when you do bottle. With a stout that maybe is less important, but one extra racking on my last batch, to get dry hop chunks filtered, helped produce a...
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    Sulfur smell in my weizenbock

    That was one tenaciouos fermentation. Smell is already back to almost all banana, and several bubbles a second 24 hours ago is now about 4 bubbles per minute. And it's only about 2.25 days in the carboy. Made a starter and also added some yeast nutrient for the first time. I'll definitely...
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    Sulfur smell in my weizenbock

    what does this mean? RDWHAHB curious
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    Sulfur smell in my weizenbock

    Used Wyeast 3068. Have an impressively vigorous fermentation going, but about 24 hours after pitching, getting some sulfur notes mixed in with the strong banana nose. Is this typical or normal? Or might it be infected? Will it dissipate? Is there anything I can do? One mistake we made...