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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Sorry about the trouble! We highly recommend turning the element off when mashing in and then letting the mash rest for about 5-10mins. This allows the grain to absorb the liquid and prevents stuck mashes. I've brewed about 10 times over the last couple months and have not had a stuck mash. A...
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    Are AIO units like Spike Solo/Unibrau worth the extra money?

    Exciting plans for your brew day upgrade! Our system certainly costs more but there's a saying that comes to mind; "You get what you pay for". The countertop brewing machines are fun for beginners but it's only a matter of time until you grow out of it and want more (or it wears out). Our system...
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    Time for a New All-In-One Brewing System

    No worries on the scorched element! We've only had a handful of incidents with hundreds of units sold. The issue happens when the grain bed gets stuck and the pump continues to run draining the bottom of the kettle. Proper crush, setting of the grain bed, etc makes this a non-issue. It usually...
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    Spike - Steam Condenser Lid

    The lid and kettle don't make a water tight seal however liquid shouldn't be squirting out. Do you have the CIP ball in the top port or the side port? It should be on the lower side port. If all else fails you could get some gasket material to help make a water tight seal...
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    Nano for restaurant

    Totally understand. Don’t be afraid of success. If you outgrow the 1bbl it means you’re doing something right and will be better suited to purchase something bigger. We have a handful of people that bought a Nano over a year ago now, have very successful operations and they are still using the Nano!
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    Nano for restaurant

    Congrats on the exiting venture. Have you reached out to our customer support team? We have a few other customers that have started concepts similar to yours (I can think of a crab shack and pizza place right off the bat). They will be a able to walk you through the entire process...
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    Help me decide between Spike CF10 and SSBrewtech Unitank

    If there's any questions we can help with we'd be happy to assist! If you're specifically looking at the lid then I think ours wins hands down. Our lid comes off completely for easy cleaning. With the SS you would need to stick your arm into a small port to try to clean it when the time comes...
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    Spike flex racking arm issue?

    There should definitely be an o-ring installed to secure the racking arm. You'll see an o-ring groove machined on the inside. The o-ring could have fallen out or slipped through QC without one. Either way shoot our customer support team a message and they will get you fixed up...
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    Spike - Steam Condenser Lid

    Pro Tip: Use a flash light or your phone up against the clear cap and you'll be able to see in pretty well even with condensation. It may be a problem with the older style Blichmann and SS kettles as we have purchased Blichmann and SS kettles to test the fit during development and they all fit...
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    SsBrewtech 14gal Unitank Product Review ( and photos )

    See the link below: https://f.hubspotusercontent20.net/hubfs/7288227/Conical%20Cutaway%20Drawings.pdf
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    SsBrewtech 14gal Unitank Product Review ( and photos )

    Correct, all of our tanks are specially designed to accommodate both full and half batches. Everything from coil design, to port location to geometry enables this.
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    Will a spike solo 10g basket fit in an as brewtech 1V 10g kettle??

    We can confirm it will fit! :rock:
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    Spike Cyber Monday Sale Announcement - Save 20%!

    Once a year we do a Cyber Monday sale where we discount on of our major products. Two years ago it was kettles, last year it was the Flex and this year it's our Solo! This has been one of our most popular new products to date and we're extremely excited that we're able to offer this product at a...
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    Spike - Steam Condenser Lid

    We have had this suggestion a couple times however this would significantly increase the price of the unit. Rest assured when the 4" cap is off the steam still goes up the pipe. A 'Pro Tip' is to leave the clamp off and just place the cap/gasket on the ferrule. It will still make a seal and will...