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    97% attenuation, wtf?!

    So I did another gravity reading today, and it was down another point to 1.02. A few other interesting things I noticed... - The smell does not have any hint of alcohol. It's a pleasant fruity scent - Initial tasting of a small amount does not reveal solvent flavors. There's a heat that...
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    97% attenuation, wtf?!

    I have noticed higher attenuation in the past when I let the wort sit for long periods before brewing. This would be an interesting experiment.. Collect 6 gallons wort, boil half immediately while letting the other half sit for 2 hours at 145*F, then boil it. Pitch equal amounts yeast...
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    97% attenuation, wtf?!

    I was looking for dry, but below 1.008 or so the dryness is unpalatable. If I had not used as much sugar I probably wouldn't mind as much, but 11% alcohol and an FG at 1.003 makes this more like a wine than a beer.
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    97% attenuation, wtf?!

    Here's the recipe.. 12 lb Pils 3 lb cane sugar mash: 10 min @ 128*F 120 min @ 150*F (fell to about 145) boil: 2 oz Styrian Gold @ 60 2 oz Saaz @ 30 ferment: Cool to 60*F, pitch 1.8L of 3787, let self rise to 80*F over 3 days.
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    97% attenuation, wtf?!

    I have 3 hydrometers (don't ask..), and tested it with all of them, feeling sure there was something wrong, but they were all within 1 gravity point of 1.003. My mash schedule was 10 minutes at 128*F, 2 hours at 150*F, and it had fallen to 145 by the end of the 2 hours. The taste is not...
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    High Attenuation Problem

    Just curious, how did it turn out over time? This exact thing just happened to me, and I'm trying to figure out if I should dump the batch.
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    97% attenuation, wtf?!

    So I brewed a tripel last week, with an OG of 1.084, and pitched a 1.8L stir-plate starter of 3787, and let it self-rise to around 80*F. It's been a week now, and I checked it.. 1.003! What's going on here? I did have a longer than expected mash (about 2 hours), but this seems insane. I'm...
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    Fruit Beer McMenamin's Ruby

    Any clue on the proportion for the puree?
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    Brewing beer in a washing machine!

    Not sure why everyone keeps calling it a redneck setup.. assuming food grade tubing, a washing machine is the perfect setup. It holds a bunch of liquid, it stirs constantly, and it has a recirculation system built in. I just want instructions on how to do it!
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    Can someone give me advice on this Simcoe/Amarillo Belgian IIPA?

    Well, the theory was to pitch T-58, wait a couple days, then pitch S-05. Basically I want to get a little bit of a Belgian flavor, but not too much. I guess alternatively I could split the batch and blend them later..
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    Can someone give me advice on this Simcoe/Amarillo Belgian IIPA?

    Here's what I'm thinking: Mash @ 151: 13 lbs 2-row 1 lb Munich 0.5 Crystal 40 Boil: 60 - 1 oz Magnum 30 - 0.5 oz Simcoe, 0.5 oz Amarillo 15 - 0.5 oz Simcoe, 0.5 oz Amarillo 5 - 0.5 oz Simcoe, 0.5 oz Amarillo 0 - 0.5 oz Simcoe, 0.5 oz Amarillo 1 lb Cane Sugar Dry hop 7 days -...
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    recipes for first all grain brew?

    I kinda think decoction actually makes AG brewing go a lot smoother as a noob. You've got 2-3 chances to hit the right temp, rather than just 1.
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    Adjusting for different base malts using specialty grains?

    So I think I've reached the point in my brewing hobby that I want to buy malt in bulk. The problem is, there's a lot of different styles that I like to make throughout the year, and I don't want to have more than 2 base malts in stock. Is there some sort of chart to indicate specialty grains...
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    The 13th step to recovery - Homebrewing.

    I think it's totally the opposite.. He has two choices: eliminate everything he does where he might see a drop of alcohol, or learn to f'ing deal with being around it and not partaking. Now it takes a damn strong will to homebrew and not taste the results, but if he's been doing exactly that...
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    30% efficiency?!

    Yeah, something along those lines... Expected OG was 1.076. This was really disappointing. The only up-side is that I only made 1 gallon.