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    Am I the Only One?? (Word Thread?)

    Ah, some great advise from a neighbor. I was not aware that option existed. Thanks.
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    Am I the Only One?? (Word Thread?)

    Stupidly I just posted into the never ending word thread without think of this. I absolutely regret it. :(
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    Where to go in Phoenix?

    I'll be heading to Phoenix (Mesa actually, to see the Black Keys) and was wondering if these are still the places to go. Any others to add? Papago. Sonora. Four Peaks. Sleepy Dog. Thanks.
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    How long?

    Drink it. The WF 365 will never clear.
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    Bayou Classic 44-QT Stainless Steel Stockpot w/spigot

    Dang! I just bought one somewhere else!
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    Chamomile - How to add

    How did this turn out?
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    Session Beer = Quick Fermentation?

    Wow! 72 hours. So you could be bottling/kegging within 7 days of pitch?
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    Session Beer = Quick Fermentation?

    Yet another plus for session beer. But, three days? That seems really fast! Guess everything might be just fine. I'll wait till it stops completely and take a gravity reading. If it is bad news I'll throw in a new pack yeast. Thanks again.
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    Session Beer = Quick Fermentation?

    Never brewed anything with this low of a potential alcohol content - just 3.5%. Does the fermentation finish out much faster than something with a higher AVB. It has only been about 3 days and it is really slowing down. I am using Nottingham. My pitch temp was probably too high but that is...
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    how do I stop fermentation?

    It will depend on what you use to sweeten and how sweet you like it. You will need to do a test to fit to your taste.
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    need help with my first cider

    About an ounce per gallon. Your yeast packet should say.
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    Dry Hopped Cider

    I did it at bottling time in just one champagne bottle to see if I'd like to do it again. I put about 5 pellets of Amarillo in and then waited about a week or two. It could have accepted more pretty easily. If I was going to do it on a larger scale I would next go 1/2 oz for 2.5 gallons in...
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    need help with my first cider

    It is pretty much as easy as they say. However, a very important element that you did not mention is time. I think it takes about three to four weeks before fermented apple juice really starts to taste respectable. I was so excited during my first few batches that I drank them way too early...
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    Dry Hopped Cider

    Hello Fellow Ciderheads, I recently cracked open a bottle of basic cider that I had dry hopped just a bit at bottling time. It was a bit of a surprise - I kinda liked it. It had a bit of a nose and my burps were nice and hoppy. Anyone else had any experience with dry hopping their hard cider...