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  1. sontavas

    Observations from a "D+" grade 1st attempt

    Any ideas on why his FG was higher than his OG??? That doesn't make much sense..
  2. sontavas

    No more bubbles =(

    I had the same thing happen to me with my first batch. I brewed a pale ale and the temp in the bucket was about 78 degrees. I brewed the batch at night and the next day after work it was fermenting fine. When I got up the next morning the fermentation had stopped bubbling completely and never...
  3. sontavas

    Russian Imperial Stout

    wow, thanks for the great advice. I think that perhaps I should put the RIS on the backburner for a while. I only have two batches under my belt and perhaps Im getting ahead of myself. Letting that beer age for that long would put a hurting on my ability to make more beers due to lack of...
  4. sontavas

    Russian Imperial Stout

    I was thinking of brewing a Russian Imperial Stout Kit for my third batch of brew. I noticed the instructions said that it needs a month to condition or something like that. I thought about fermenting for a week and then putting it in a 5 gal glass carboy for a few more weeks to keep my...
  5. sontavas

    How to Determine Alchohol Content

    When using my Hydrometer, there is a section for potential alcohol content. Is there any way to get a reading on actual alcohol content after you fermentation is complete and you have taken a second reading? Also I added extra sugar (I think it was dry malt extract) that the local Homebrew...
  6. sontavas

    Tryed my first beer..

    Thanks, actually Im going to get some more supplies here now and I hope to start second batch here this afternoon!!! This is addictive!!
  7. sontavas

    Tryed my first beer..

    I went camping this weekend and could not resist bringing a bottle of homebrew with me. It was only in the bottles for a week but I could not resist. The beer was incredible and Im excited that it will only get better in the next few weeks. Thanks to all for your help!!!
  8. sontavas

    Any way to tell if beer is carbonating in bottles?

    Bottled my first batch of beer last night. I was a little concerned due to an ultra fast fermentation (2 days) but i waited the full 10 days to bottle anyhow. I tasted the beer and low and behold it tasted like Beer, i cant believe it, flat and warm but beer none the less. Is there any...
  9. sontavas

    First Brew Problem with Fermentation

    I have to be honest the exact name of the yeast is alluding me but it came in a small yellow sealed bag. Im going to buy a large tub and add some ice and water and then Ill set my fermenting bucket in the tub to keep the temps down. I do not have a secondary fermenter and I was going to try to...
  10. sontavas

    First Brew Problem with Fermentation

    Hello. I became hooked on home brewing after a friend gave me a few of his home brewed beers. I ran out and got a equipment kit and a kit to make "American micro style pale ale". Brewing the beer was great fun but I ran into a problem. The day after brewing I came home and found the beer to...