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    Backwoods Brewery Upgraded Equipment

    Just wanted to show you all some of our little updates. All of our 3 tier connects have gone to quick connect. Makes things much easier than pulling hoses off and reclamping. We have upgraded our filter to the bazooka screen with 2 other homemade screens, we'll see how it goes for the brew...
  2. Sonnyjim

    NEW INVENTION: How to Keep Your Poured Beer Carbonated

    I guess I could just man up and drink it, but if you're not man enough it sure is a good temporary solution. The jar was 2/3 full and upon drinking the next day, had lost a small ammount of carbonation but was surprisingly still good. Certainly only good as a nice easy, quick, temporary solution.
  3. Sonnyjim

    NEW INVENTION: How to Keep Your Poured Beer Carbonated

    Ever have that last beer at the end of the night and pour it, but get about 2 sips in and then think...... F.... I have to be up for work tomorrow. Solution??? A Mason Jar. That's right folks. Pour your beer in a mason jar, put the cap on, and put it back in the fridge. When you come home...
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    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Me Wanty.... I'm in.
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    Hello from Halifax, Canada

    Stephan, great to see another Canuck out here. I don't post very often anymore due to the fact that when I type something into the forum search, my question has already been answered usually multiple times in multiple ways. This site is a great resource as Im sure you'll find. Welcome.
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    Wheat Beer Brew Day Photos

    Not much too it. Just posting photos of our brew day. We are in limbo at J&A Brewery with our setup. We just purchased 2 new Blichmann Burners from HopDawgs ( out in BC and are still in the process of setting up a permanent 3 tier system. Our old 3 tier system was custom made to...
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    IPA Brewday - Backwoods Brewery

    Haha yes there is still a meter of ice on the lakes and about 2-3 feet of snow but we have got our first few days of mild weather. +4 in the morning for the brew day but it warmed up to +10 or so.
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    IPA Brewday - Backwoods Brewery

    Here' some photos of nailsu1 and myself using our new setup out on the deck for the first outdoor brew of the year. We are getting to know the ins and outs, fine tuning our system, so it was a very successful brew day. The plate chiller is freakin awsome. If you don't have one and can afford...
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    Frustrations in all grain brewing...

    Beersmith 2.0. The first time we brewed with this software with all of the proper calculations put in, we were right on the button. It calculates absolutely everything you need to do. Just plug in the recipe and you'll have some answers. Well worth the money my friend.
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    Porter Fermenting Temperature - Need Help

    Crap. You'd think BYO would have their stuff together. AH well. It smells good, tasted good. We'll see in a week or so i guess.
  11. Sonnyjim

    Porter Fermenting Temperature - Need Help

    Well it's steady at 65. Krausen is actually now gone. Going to take a reading in a week and if it's all fermented out then no issue. My issue is why BYO would post 63 to ferment 1098. I thought there must be a reason. They MUST have meant ambient temp, but why would they not post that?
  12. Sonnyjim

    Porter Fermenting Temperature - Need Help

    All wise ones, I'm brewing a Maple Coffee Porter as per this link(added maple syrup) http://***********/porter/item/1796-coffee-porter We have a temperature controlled freezer set at 65Farenheit. The recipe calls for a fruity ale yeast 1098 which is the exact one we have at 63Farenheit. We...
  13. Sonnyjim

    Banana flavor

    I'm a bit one sided coming from Canada but try out the Wyeast Canada/Belgian Ale yeast #3864. Whitelabs 545 Belgian Strong Ale as well would work.
  14. Sonnyjim

    Beer for Stuff. What Have You Traded For???

    How many people here have traded beer for something OTHER than beer? I am sure many people here are hoarders and can barely keep enough to self medicate, however what unique things in life have you traded for your precious brew? To start, I have traded beer for: - rides to work - deer...
  15. Sonnyjim

    grain question

    VERY VERY KEY. If you live in the country or forest regions, you must keep your grains in some sort of locked container. A cardboard box will not do. I had 2x 50lb sacs of malt barley I was plating in my yard. A mouse got into it and somehow ate probably 5lbs worth of it over the summer until I...