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    pom wine dilution and dextrose additions

    ok found another recipe to compare it to, seems like with the ratio he gave me it should be perfectly fine and will actualy come out a little tart, ill be modifying it a bit. so my main concern is going to be the amount of dextrose needed. not much sugar in the pom and if it helps ill be...
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    Plum Wine

    if you add sugar in secondary it will just start fermenting again. id say wait til its done then stabalize and backsweeten or use a non-fermentable sweetener
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    pom wine dilution and dextrose additions

    oh yes most definatley going with a wine yeast. fleischmans is too unpredictable. the yeast ill figure later though. lol ya a bit more expensive which is why im actualy asking questions on this one. dont want to ruin 80$ of pom
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    pom wine dilution and dextrose additions

    Hate to bug you guys with something i am sure is simple but i am going brain dead at the moment. i am currently scaling down one of my grandfathers recipes for a pomegranate wine. 12 lbs sugar ( i think he used cane sugar i want to use dextrose) 3gal pom juice 7gal water he boiled pom...
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    Medieval Burnt Mead!

    Viking which yeast did you use
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    Drinking beer while lifting weights...

    nothing better to help replenish those extra calories you are losing while working out
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    Rose mead?

    It will depend on the yeast you are using as well as temp and how much nutrient you started with.
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    Medieval Burnt Mead!

    Fermentation seems to have started far quicker on this one than my other meads. Airlock activity in less than three hours, this morning it seems to be goin pretty steady
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    Medieval Burnt Mead!

    Has anyone givin a try at burning the honey all the way down?
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    What happens if you rack JAOM...

    I allowed mine to sit for several months before even touching it. After the initial burst of fermentation i continued to have a slow fermentation, more than just offgassing. If you had bottled it early you may have ended up with a bottle bomb or two. The meads I have done have all had long...
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    Medieval Burnt Mead!

    ok i didnt stick entirely to the recipe but i have something goin. i boiled down the honey until i started getting the white smoke very regularly. at this time the honey was a wonderful dark brown a bit between the colors of caramel and brown sugar. after adding in the water it looks almost...
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    Best Advice You've Ever Received

    It takes many nails to build a crib but only one screw to fill it. If it smells like fish do what you wish, if it smells like cologne leave it alone.
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    reverse airflow in airlock

    co2 cannister kept at room temp in same room the empty and filled carboy were held in. and no still using the heater at night to warm things up a bit. co2 would naturaly cool a bit even when let slowly out of the container. would warming co2 cause this?
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    reverse airflow in airlock

    not worried about the liquid getting pulled in as it is only everclear. just dont like the air getting sucked in. think another shot of co2 would be benificial?
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    reverse airflow in airlock

    using one of the "s" airlocks. usualy dont use the three piece. also both carboys came from same room same temp. anyone know how much of a temp difference is needed to cause this or should i take that question to tech thread.