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    American Wheat Beer Sterling Gold (3.5% AG, Light and Zesty)

    Biermuncher - how important is the rye malt here? This is close to impossible for me to get unless I buy raw rye and malt it myself. Do you see any possible substitutes for the rye malt, or is it vital to the recipe? Thank you, and another killer recipe from you as one has come to expect!
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    American Pale Ale Lake Walk Pale Ale

    Hi, Amarillo is impossible to get nowadays! Has anyone attempted to substitute anything in its placE? I brewed up a bunch with Cascade instead of Amarillo, and will be dry hopping today as well. If not cascade, what substitutes would you recommend...centennial?
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    Fridge to Fermentation chamber conversion

    Hey Solly, did you get this to work? I got my hands on the same F2000, and have no idea how to wire it into my defy fridge. Did you come right?
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    Resinous hop flavor... how to?!?!?

    I got epic Pine from Amarillo and Wyeast 1272. Like, EPIC, OILY , PINE. EVERYWHERE.
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    stupid me, just pored priming sugar straight in beer

    Fear not. Everything will be ok.
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    Wyeast 1272 vs US-05 - BIG Difference!

    Update: Exactly 1 week after pitching: US 05: 1012 Wyeat 1272: 1020. Taste samples are both excellent, but strangely the US 05 is now leading the wonderful hop aroma race. It seems the 1272 has driven off some of the volatiles. I dunked the hydrometer several times to "awaken" the sample, and...
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    Wyeast 1272 vs US-05 - BIG Difference!

    I doubt cooling it down will make it more active, so i just left it at 68F. Will check again on Sunday (take FG readings), and report back. Still have a healthy fluffy krausen on both fermenters.
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    American Pale Ale Lake Walk Pale Ale

    I split my batch, 5.5G each, one with Wyeast 1272, and one with US 05 Dry Yeast. Slow fermentation on the 1272 after 5 days, US 05 almost done. Will report on tastings, they are getting entered into a HB Compo.
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    Wyeast 1272 vs US-05 - BIG Difference!

    Its the Lakewalk IPA from Dude. Lemme find the thread, i did exactly that, just stepped it up to 10gallons Ingredients: 8.0 lbs 2-Row Brewers Malt 2.0 lbs Toasted Pale Malt 0.5 lbs Crystal Malt 60°L 0.5 lbs Wheat Flakes .75 oz Amarillo (8.5%) - added during boil, boiled 60.0 min .75...
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    Wyeast 1272 vs US-05 - BIG Difference!

    Hi, Made a 1.060 Lakewalk APA on Sunday, split the 42 litre batch into 2 x 25 litre buckets. One bucket got Wyeast 1272 (2L starter) and other bucket got 1 x packet of US-05 Dry Yeast. Today, 5 full days after i pitched the yeasticles: US-05 is at 1.018, tastes very fruity, not as much...
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    Commercial Beer Yeast Harvest List

    Anyone tried Delirium Tremens?
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    American Pale Ale Lake Walk Pale Ale

    I brewed it as per the recipe. 40litre batch, and split the two FV's; One with Wyeast 1272, One with US-05. Should be interesting, and i saw my first Protafloc Cauliflower in my fermenter....hectic! Thanks for a great recipe, was fun to toast the malt, and all the late hop additions made...
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    Wild YEAST Appeared!

    My advice. Be. More. Patient.
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    No Yeast, yet beer is fermenting

    Don't let these guys scare you off. If you can't pitch immediately, just seal up the fermenter, pop in an airlock (fill it obviously), pop it somewhere to cool down, and pitch when you can. No-chill is a legitimate method to cool your wort before pitching your yeast, almost every single one of...
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    Brewing with Insects?!?!

    Or the bug got him.