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    American IPA Bitter revenge IPA (The best Ive had)

    2tsps gypsum .25 lb aromatic .25 lb amber malt .75 lb 55L English Barley 7 lbs light malt extract 2 oz warrior 18 aa 1.25 oz cascade 7.5 aa .75 oz cascade Wyeast londonesb for real and it makes 5 gal This essentially gives the many same flavor characteristics as what ive served as...
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    how long to lager

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    Belgian Tripel (lack of carbonation)

    this is terribly subjective. Examine your entire process and check out palmer's site then post what you think may have gone wrong.
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    weird taste in certain bottles?

    Could be a few things: sometimes even though you sanitize the bottles you dont get out all of the crap that has been growing in them. So perhaps your beer may not be infected but whatever chemicals there are in mold may still be inside when you bottle. Also make sure you rinse the bottles...
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    Nobody Knows the diacetyl secret

    Thanks orfy, i saw that hugh thread when i first happened. After looking around more, I've found that the yeast in these beers that I like so much, are fairly unique. Sam Smith uses a traditional yeast that produces this butterscotch flavor in spades, to the point they re-rouse the yeast to...
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    What temp. is highest you have pitched at?

    If you're going to pitch high, it is important to remember that that you may run into thermal shock if the starter is say 60 F and your wort is 85 F. The risk of infection and getting weird fermentation increase if you freak out the yeast by big temp changes. Good Luck!
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    Nobody Knows the diacetyl secret

    Ok, thanks. My sources of information are papazian's "the complete joy of homebrewing," and my lhbs which luckily is run by a master brewer (Pike Brewery for 6 yrs). It is possible that this flavor, which is distinctively buttery, comes from a source other than diacetyl. However this would imply...
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    AHS Promotional Black Ale

    Does anyone know if this kit produces a beer like like deschutes brewery's 1554? I love that stuff!
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    sanitizing ingredients for "dry spicing"

    Im doing this exactly for my triple. My LHBS said a good way to do this is to soak the spices in a small amount of water and microwave to a boil. As it is often easier to use a hop bag when dryhopping, throw your spices in one before you microwave. Im not sure whether to pour any remaining water...
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    Nobody Knows the diacetyl secret

    Thanks for the help guys. This site has always been a great place to get good info.
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    Nobody Knows the diacetyl secret

    hahahaha Reddenbacher, I get it .......hahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahaha! And no the point of this thread is not sarcasm. There is diacetyl taste is in beers like samual smith's pale ale, elysian ipa, fuller's winter...
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    Nobody Knows the diacetyl secret

    How the hell do I get the desired amount of diacetal in my beer? This is not exclusively a yeast selection issue. I am drinking so many commericial beers that have this marvelous diacetyl quality, but i have no reliable guidelines for getting appropriate amounts in my homebrew. WTF?
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    Saison Recipe Advice?

    Im not sure what spefically "zested naval orange" is, but i have had great results with dried bitter orange peel (about an ounce per 5 gal.) This link takes you to a great clone of Ommagang's Henepin which could give you some ideas...
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    Hey! I want to clone a 450 year old beer

    yeah..... apparently higher temps for fermentation. Also what makes it unusual is that is has no flavor or aroma hops. A very cool and unique beer! The thing is: I can't the picture this given recipe as perfect. The crystal malt would give it a sweeter and well.. more caramel like flavor. I...