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    help on buying ingredients!

    so glad I found this forum! You guys are all very helpful...def good to know that about lagers, since I like 'em, I was thinking about getting one...but I know he doesnt have the extra equipment. Well he is now making this more difficult cause he is talking about brewing up a beer or two...
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    help on buying ingredients!

    thanks for all the replies! This helps a can only read "we have the best ingredients of any site" so many times before the phrase kinda loses all meaning, haha. I'll prob go w/austin homebrew. 2 votes is enough for me. Parker...i have NO idea what he does. Is there anyway you can...
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    help on buying ingredients!

    hey...I am hoping someone can help me out... I am pretty clueless on the whole homebrewing thing, but I want to buy something homebrewing related for my boyfriend's bday. He already has all the equipment & has made a few of his own beers so far. I am thinking that the easiest thing would...