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    Old 60 Amp Fuse Box question

    Would it even be possible to try to brew with electric? even the grainfather seems to require a dedicated 20 amp fuse.
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    Brew in a bag question

    Thanks guys, I just got a blonde ale kit in and going o be trying this over the weekend
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    Brew in a bag question

    Could I use a standard all grain kit with this method?
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    14671 +5 Cherry Stout +5 Lemon Wheat =14681
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    Which Love Controller?

    thats the one i was looking at, thanks
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    Which Love Controller?

    Im going to be building a fermentation chamber and all i need right now is a love controller, not that smart with volts and what not but im figure for a 115 volt fridge i need to match it with a 115vac lover controller, please let me know so i can get what i need and not waste money...thanks
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    Tron's Pretzel Things

    just made these, they taste great...
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Mini-Fridge Kegerator Conversion

    just a question, even though you removed the freezer tray it still going to freeze a bit correct? and if so would it freeze your beer lines
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    Frementation Chamber \ Keezer

    i like the idea. I would like to see it done with a bigger freezer to see how many carboys/pails you could get in there...
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    1st brew tastes watered down

    its carbed, might not be enough. Im going to try one tomorrow which will be 3 weeks in bottles and report back
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    1st brew tastes watered down

    SG 1.057...calls for 1.055 FG 1.012...calls for the same Ferment Temp 65-70 Yeast was Windsor Ale Dry Recipe was AHS Pumpkin Ale Extract Kit
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    1st brew tastes watered down

    its the AHB pumpkin kit. I boiled pumpkin in a differant pot then the wort in some water, when it was done i put both the pumpkin and wort into the fermentor and continued to top off with regular water. It sat in the fermentor for about 5 weeks and have been sitting in bottles for 2. Can anyone...
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    Craigslist Find for anyone near pittsburgh

    Beer brewing equipment for sale: (2) 6 gallon glass carboys (1) 5 gallon Pepsi keg w/ fittings and tubing (1) 5 lb CO2 tank (1) double gauge CO2 regulator (1) copper wort chiller w/ faucet attachement and tubing (1) large funnel w/ strainer (1) Oxynater (oxygen dispensing system) (1)...
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    Ancient yeast reborn in modern beer

    Pretty Neat article Ancient yeast reborn in modern beer (ABC News in Science)
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    Dusty Bottles?

    Should I just rinse them out or use a bottle brush on them?