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  1. smizak

    WTH Happened?

    My beers taste different day to day. It's me, not them.
  2. smizak

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    I graduated in '02. Just drove around campus last weekend before the Sufjan show. Holy cow that university is a beast now.
  3. smizak

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    Hey, I spent the best years of my 20's in Capen library at UB North for that privilege. ;) Right now, coworker who's office is next door to mine has been screaming at his speakerphone for the last hour. Dude, they can hear you, you're approximately 10" from the microphone.
  4. smizak

    IPA's are bad.

  5. smizak

    Recipe Critique

    Move all hops except the 60 to flameout and add another 1/2oz if you got it. Delete Munich and add 1/2lb C40. Add at least another oz to dry hop.
  6. smizak

    I've given up on dry hopping.

    How much hops do you use to dry hop vs. your batch size?
  7. smizak

    Carbonating bottles

    Safety first: Be super CAREFUL with the rest of that batch. Don't want to lose an eye. Second, when I bottle, I only add the priming sugar after I've transferred to the bottling bucket. I know, the whole swirling mixing thing doesn't happen then, but I've been burned by uneven carbonation by...
  8. smizak

    Methods to keeping a full boil going?

    Definitely don't sweat trying to maintain the full batch volume during the boil. I brew all-grain and intentionally aim to over-boil at least a little bit. I always have an unopened jug of distilled water to top up in the fermenter if need be.
  9. smizak

    10 Worst Homebrewing Mistakes

    lager fermentations still look like the pic posted, fyi.
  10. smizak

    American IPA Maine Beer Co Linch IPA clone

    Just did a rendition of my own, minus any Munich because I HATE how Munich tastes with American hops. I used Magnum for 30 IBUs at 60min and then 15min hot whirlpool 1/1/1 oz. Simcoe/Amarillo/Centennial followed by 180F whirlpool for 5 minutes with same hops. Dry hopped with 2/1/1 oz...
  11. smizak

    Can you cold-condition too much? (in bottle)

    No. Color doesn't separate out. You can (I do) perceive changes in body from cold-conditioning, but it's always for the better. Usually fuller mouthfeel from smaller CO2 bubbles, as there are less proteins and particulates for the gas to nucleate on.
  12. smizak

    Can you cold-condition too much? (in bottle)

    No, it's the time that did it. I cold condition all of my beers, bottles stored cold with the keg. Your beer will thank you
  13. smizak

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    That should be a bumper sticker.....
  14. smizak

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    That will be the most foul thing I read today. *shudder* We have employees here that possess less than optimal aim at the toilet. By that I mean the urinal and the bowl. Disgusting. The cleaning people must think we're total pigs.