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    Lager Fermentation questions: seems slow - Reused slurry from last batch

    I brewed 27 gal of a German Pils on Saturday, split into (2) half barrel keg fermenters with an OG of 1.047. In each fermenter, approximately 13 gallons of wort, I pitched the saved slurry from my last batch - one 34/70 and the other S23. I had damn near a full quart mason jar of each...
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    Pennsylvania Hop Rhizomes: Fuggle, Golding, Mt. Hood

    Spring is right around the corner - time to plant those hop rhizomes! I have some really nice large hop rhizomes I just dug up yesterday while doing the annual spring hopyard maintenance. I have Fuggle, Golding, and Mt. Hood available. All are taken from well established crowns, grown using...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    This is a very solid recipe as originally written. (although I scaled down the abv a bit) I highly recommend it as an alternative to the many pumpkin beers that are just.... "too much". I am definitely gonna make it again, exactly as I made it last time! Only big problem with this...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Have had a chance to empty some kegs of this, and it has been well received pretty much universally. It's the pumpkin beer you can actually drink multiple pints of! My version took first place at Hoptoberfest - (a homebrew event in Pittsburgh) last weekend! 1 tsp of the spice per keg is...
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    Pennsylvania 5 Brewing Books - Hops, IPA, Brewing Better Beer, etc.

    Will take them all if they are still available. Can pay get out the payment today! :mug:
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    I kegged it yesterday after 18 days in the fermenter. First 2 weeks at 65 degrees, then dropped to high 30's. Added 1 teaspoon of the spice mixture to one keg of the East Coast Ale version and one keg of the 05 version. (as called for in the recipe.) In the other keg of each version, I just...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Hey Gitmoe - did you end up using the pie spice in the keg as called for in the recipe? If so, what do you think of the level of spice now? Just wondering as I will be kegging mine within the next week. I always like to err on the side of caution when it comes to spices! It was damn...
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    Session-ifying Theory or How to influence body when adjusting the alcohol content

    I have a one barrel system, but usually get around 28 gals final product. A standard gravity IPA (1.065+/-) gets around 48 oz in the boil (including 16 oz + in the hopback), plus another 10 oz +/- dryhop. Depends on the desired result. I use all whole hops. I prefer lots of hop flavor and...
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    Session-ifying Theory or How to influence body when adjusting the alcohol content

    I don't have experience with session Black IPA's, but I do w/ regular IPA's. I have always loved the commercial and homebrewed session ipa's but find they are sometimes rather thin in body and a little "watery". For my session IPA's, I use more specialty grains - specifically carapils and...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Not sure why the OP worded it that way. As written in Zymurgy it was Honey/Maple syrup "End of Boil", Spices at "knockout" I put all three things in the boil as soon as I cut the flame, stirred it really well for a couple mins then fired up the chiller. There are a few other discrepancies as...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    The pumpkin goes in the mash. The honey and maple syrup go in at the end of boil. (along with the spices.) I made 25 gals of this yesterday, pretty much exactly per the recipe (just doubled). Split the batch in half and pitched the WL East Coast Ale in one fermenter and US05 in the other...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Thanks for the tips, RC. I am gonna try the mash schedule per the author - with the protein rest. Hopefully that will help out with the lauter. I had considered adding the honey/maple syrup post fermentation to cold stored kegs to give it more sweetness and flavor. But I don't know...
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Did you ever brew this? I am planning on brewing it next Sunday. Was wondering what you thought of it!
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    Best use of Vanilla beans

    My oatmeal stout is already kegged so I was going to do the vodka/bourbon bean extract method for a week or two and then just strain out the bean pcs and add the liquid to the keg. Anybody see a problem w that? Btw great thread!
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    My buddy makes maple syrup and wants me to make a batch using maple sap instead of water in the next few weeks here. Naturally, there is an expectation and desire to have maple flavor in the final product. I have been thinking that a brown ale or porter would be good with a maple flavor. I...