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    ABV question.

    Hey folks. A friend and I recently finished a BlackBerry Stout where our recipe called for an actual secondary fermentation of the fruits. Our OG for the primary was 1.055 The FG after primary was 1.010 Then, I added 48oz of the black berry purée when I racked to secondary. This brought the...
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    comments on blackberry stout

    I looked up the ingredients for this because I am very interested in trying it. However as far as I can tell the Mountmellick Famous Irish Stout Extract is no longer available anywhere. Anyone know where to get it? Or know of a proper substitute?
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    Cellar taste?

    I have never used sulfite for antioxidants. How much and when do I add? Is there a way to test to see if it's oxidized. I suspect that is what is going on. Also what should I be topping up with? Just water? Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Cellar taste?

    It's not a...terrible taste. It is just not quite right. I am leaning towards oxidization. It's more like a gassy aftertaste. I do degass with a drill pretty thoroughly. And transfer monthly. So it does not sit on lees for too long. Is this something that will age out? Or should I do...
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    Cellar taste?

    Hello to all my fellow wine makers. I recently made my very first batch of pure home made wine from home grown grapes. However after a month in the bottle I popped my first one to try a taste. I know I know it's likely just green or immature. However I am getting same off flavor in almost all of...
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    Cinnful Apple Clone

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. I received a six pack of Angry Orchard's Cinnful Apple as a gift and I must say it is my favorite cider of all time. I was simply wondering if anyone had a recipe that would get me even close to recreating this delicious treat on...
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    Wine transferring clearing question

    When I rack my wine is it ok to add water to eliminate headspace? Also when do I degass?
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    Oak chips

    Anyone have a range for cost of oak barrels? Do most Home brew stores carry them? Or special order?
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    Oak chips

    Recently was at a wine tasting and I tried a delicious red wine that was aged in oak chips. So I came here to do some research. Either my search is not working correctly or there's not much info on it (unlikely). Does anyone have a link or a guide to oak aging with chips. I'm not really into the...
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    Freezing grapes

    It's harvest season and I've already got more grapes than I have fermenters. I have thought about freezing a bunch to make more when the fermenters open up. Thoughts? Will freezing them be a bad idea?
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    Gravity help please

    It wasn't completely done that's just where I decided to stop it. I took two gravity readings and they were very close three days apart so I called it good enough. I knew I was doing some serious backsweetening and flavoring anyway. I'm happy how this batch turned out. Got many compliments.
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    So I just bottled this up yesterday it's my first try. However, the cinnamon didn't mix well and it looks terrible with huge stringy floaters. What did I do wrong, any ideas? It does taste delicious. But obviously it's not mixing well so next time ill use the liquid cinnamon.
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    Gravity help please

    Actually backsweetening with a syrup mixture that is just brown sugar and cinnamon and also some cans of apple juice concentrate.
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    Gravity help please

    Just wanna make sure I'm calculating this correctly. My cider OG was 1.064 and my FG is 1.014. If my calculations are correct I'm sittin at about 6.4% ABV. So, if I back sweeten until I get a reading of 1.022 I should be at about 5.4 as a finished product. Any good gravity wizzes that could...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Absolutely dying to Brew my Ocktoberfest and also a cream ale but I have to wait for my brew partner who can't seem to find the time.