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  1. sketerbuck

    is yeast too old?

    They are supposed to be good for 6 months. I would expect a few extra esters if used without a starter but depending on what you're brewing that might be fine. If your looking for cleaner fermentation you should do a starter.
  2. sketerbuck

    Rehydrating Yeast

    I wouldn't put the yeast back on the heat but it sounds like you did fine. You could probably let it drop to your pitch temp.
  3. sketerbuck

    Floaty things in my latest beer

    Can you post a pic?
  4. sketerbuck

    BIAB AG recipe question

    Maybe after you get a process down and change milling procedure. If you take an average all grain recipe at 75 percent efficiency and milled for use in a mash tun you wont usually hit that on your first BIAB.
  5. sketerbuck

    BIAB AG recipe question

    what efficiency are you getting?
  6. sketerbuck

    BIAB AG recipe question

    The efficiency is usually lower in BIAB so you would have to add about a pound of base grain to the recipe. Kits are usually cheaper unless you buy in bulk Make sure the Flask is borosilicate glass.
  7. sketerbuck

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    I have a sale pending for the Picobrew. Thanks
  8. sketerbuck

    WTB: Ball Lock Corny Kegs in Massachusetts

    I have nice used Kegs 4 for $180 plus shipping. [email protected]
  9. sketerbuck

    Dry Hopping

    Leave the 0 minute hops in. They can go in at flame out or after the wort has cooled a little. Even as low as 180 degrees. I would skip the secondary and add dry hop to primary near the end of fermentation. This will help with any oxygen pickup from the dry hop. Don't worry too much about...
  10. sketerbuck

    I will enter a competition for the first time

    Are you sending beers or dropping off? Naturally carbonating? Getting the beer in the right category is half the battle. If sending beer, make sure they don't sit in a hot/freezing truck over the weekend. If naturally carbonating make sure you allow enough time for your beer to resettle and...
  11. sketerbuck

    Break down kegs all the way every time?

    My opinion is that it's way too easy to break them down so why take the chance.
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    PicoBrew Zymatic

  13. sketerbuck

    March pump setup

    Apparently I'm to stupid to post a pic
  14. sketerbuck

    March pump setup

    <a href="[email protected]/14670281944" title="20140716_184501 by Scott Bergquist, on Flickr"><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="20140716_184501"></a>
  15. sketerbuck

    March pump setup

    My pictures never show up.