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    cleaning beer line

    Hey guys.. im building a kegerator with ball lock corny kegs. Now my question is about cleaning the beer lines. Is there any kits to clean the lines with the ball lock disconnect? Also how often do i have to clean the lines?
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    how to tell if wine is degassed

    Really!! and I tought I was doing good!! lol well I guess back to the spoon for me!
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    how to tell if wine is degassed

    hey guys.. so how can i tell if my wine is degasse.... I usaly just stir for 5-6 minutes with mine ''wine spoon" but I always end up with wine thats not quit there... Now im tring to degaze by shaking the carboy.. anyone using this method?? I gave it a good shake 3 times now, and each time...
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    o2 regulator

    Hey guys, I am building a Keggenerator and I have a question about the Regulator on the CO2 tank. Can i use a O2 regulator insted of a CO2 one. Reason is they are cheaper and would like to know if they both do the same job?? Thanks
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    Good Hard lemonade

    well I'll get this threat started again i guess! I just started a batch today, heres what i did. 10 cans of limonade 1 kg light DME about 1,5 kg sugar champagne yest So I had a starting OG of 1064 and let it fermant to 1030 then I racked to secondary. Now im at 1000. I know i...
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    Hard Lemonade

    so about non-fermentable sugar... anything else i could use insted of splenda or is that my only option?