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    recipe suggestions

    Thanks everyone, the fruit and tea suggestions are really good. Like I said in my first post, I looked through the recipe database but very few recipes have ratings. jwynia - have you used DME in the tea instead of any of the fully fermentable sugars that you listed? I was born and raised...
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    recipe suggestions

    I’ve made a few batches of apfelwein and graff, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a cider recipe to try next. Everyone enjoys the graff, but even after 6+ months of aging the apfelwein made me feel like I was handing out prison wine. Some of the woodchuck clones in the recipe...
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    fermenter explosion - HELP!

    1.) You'll probably be fine depending on location, taste and see when you rack. 2.) Yeast doesn't grow wings and fly away, take a gravity reading. 3.) Wait and see - relax don't worry have a homebrew :)
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    Anyone use DAP as a yeast nutrient?

    By good, I meant high quality sugar. If you use it to bake it's probably good enough, and your lhbs should have corn sugar (dextrose) if you want that.
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    Natural gas setups

    Thanks for the replies, really appreciate the input. I found BobbyM’s article and website to be pretty helpful for the wok setup, but it sounds like converting the hurricane burners gives better control. Here are some follow up questions: +Kladue, is there a good way to search for...
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    Natural gas setups

    Do we have a wiki or any sticky pages on for using natural gas for brewing? I’m looking for an example of a natural gas fired boil kettle for 5-10 gallon batches, but searching around the forums there are a lot of articles that vary wildly in usefulness and most are dead ends. So far I’ve...
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    my first hard cider

    Check out the cider forum (near the bottom on the front page). The stickys are really good, and I'd recommend checking out the graff and apfelwein recipes.
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    Excessive Trub, just curious

    Whenever I make batches with oatmeal, I end up with a lot more trub than usual. It freaked me out the first time, but after the second batch I figured it was normal.
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    Extract brands/types

    You should be fine substituting one for another, but you might want to check to see if either is prehopped. For most beers you can get by with light DME and use steeping grains to adjust the color and flavor.
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    Coffee-ing a PM Porter...

    Cold extraction using the beer instead of water sounds really cool. I made a batch using a cold extraction method I found on hbt, and was very impressed with the results.
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    I need some feedback on a Spiced winter ale

    Are you taking about adding canned pumpkin to the secondary? I've only done partial mashes with pumpkin, but I don’t think that adding it to the secondary will not have the results you expect. I’d be interested to hear how it turns out, however I think it will be very messy and...
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    How difficult is cider brewing?

    I've only made 30 gallons of cider, but so far I have found the process a lot simpler than making beer. I would recommend checking out the stickys at the top and the recipe database.
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    How many gallons of Brandon O's Graff have been made?

    2 batches, 1400+10.=1410. Followed Brandon's recipe, and I look forward to making more.
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    AG Brewer needs to fill the pipeline...10 gallon brew question

    I've seen a few topics debating this, but you should be able to get around any concern with a late extract addition- add a few pounds for the full 60 minute boil and then add the remaing at 15 minutes or flame out. A late extract might be a better way to go because it will help prevent...
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    Olive Oil for your starter!

    I read about using olive oil in place of aeration, and here are some threads that I found useful: I'm planning on trying this out on my next brew...