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    Double Infusion Batch Sparge on BeerSmith 2

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to using BeerSmith and am having some trouble setting up a double infusion batch sparge. I started with one of the pre-set double infusions and checked off the appropriate batch sparge options. I had to add more water to my mashout because of an error I got saying that...
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    Using yeast cake for second batch of cider?

    Sure, you'll probably have a very strong fermentation from it...Pitching on top of yeast cakes is wonderful and its almost like making a 5 gallon yeast starter! The yeast count is so huge that fermentation kicks right up.
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    Wanted: Kettle for 6+ gallon batches

    You may be better off just getting a keg-shell (SS), and either find someone who can blow-torch the top off of it (or you can do that yourself if you have the means). Then you can fit it with a ball-valve of your choice and and and great for big batches. If you look at pics...
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    Adding Peaches to my Honey Ale

    Are you freezing for sanitation reasons or other? Just curious.
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    My Keezer Build Begins.........

    whatever you get just put a thermometer inside the keezer and glance at it every once in a while to make sure your freezer is what you think it is at. Remember that if your temp probe is near the side walls it will register a colder temp (due to the chill coils) and the middle of the fridge...
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    Lemon-wine recipe updates

    looks like my problem is definitely in the started, I treated it pretty regularly. Thanks for the help, I think the next batch will be much better. :-)
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    Lemon-wine recipe updates

    Good stuff, I just gave it a stir and there were a decent amount of bubbles that raised from the trub, so at least its doing something. If I dont see more activity in the next few days I'll repitch according to your advice. Thanks!
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    Lemon-wine recipe updates

    Still really slow on bubbling after a few days, nearly nothing...gravity is only at about 1.050... :-( I'm thinking about adding another pack of hydrated montrachet but if I do that I want to cut the acidity...what can I use to raise the pH? I'm not a wine guy so any advice is appreciated.
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    How long in fridge for starter to have yeast drop?

    It will probably drop out within a few hours, when the starter temp equilibrates with your fridge. However, putting it in the fridge now will give you more assurance.
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    Would you toss it?

    You dont need to throw out the brew, but if you get a slight metallic taste you'll know why, if its real apparent you may want to through it out just for taste reasons. Fastenal will have the SS washers. However, any washer that big will be big enough so if it doesn't say "fender" its okay, a...
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    Lemon-wine recipe updates

    Hey All, I decided to try my hand at making some alcoholic lemonade, which should be more like lemon-wine when all is said and done as there is no malt in it. The recipe is pretty simple, what do you all think? 2 packs rehydrated montrachet wine yeast (red-star) 5.5 cups of freshly squeezed...
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    How long can I let the beer sit at 75 after bottling

    crack one open every once in a while and see what is getting better and what is getting worse...drink based off that. The temp is a little higher than you would like but not too far out of line.
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    IIPA Recipe

    The fermentables look good but I just sort of question why you are using so many different hops. Not that it is going to be a bad thing, it is just a lot of different stuff going on there. I usually try and stick with 3 different varieties or so. On a side-note, dry-hopping with citra is now...
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    What am I missing?

    If you have gas continuously flowing at 25 psi to that hefe it should carb up in 2 days and be rather bubbly...there is no reason I can think of that makes your beer not carbonate. Try chilling it down to 35 and hit it with some pressure, shake it up really well or roll it vigorously on the...
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    Cold Pitching -- good read

    Man, now I remember why I've been doing starters...that 2 hour lag time is worth it.