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    Bought a house with a built in fermentation closet

    So far I've never had my wort rise above 70 degrees for anything that has been fermenting.
  2. Shonuff

    Bought a house with a built in fermentation closet

    My wife and I bought a house about two years ago. Okay it's not a custom built fermentation closet it's a sauna. We rarely use it, it stays 66-68 degrees year round, it's big enough for around eight people to sit in, and it has no light or sunlight going into it. Perfect fermentation closet.
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    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    In on this awesome load of stuff
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    500 to spend please help.

    you have two kegs already. Get your all grain process nailed down before you go out and buy 15 kegs.
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    Broke up with my LHBS today

    So you're going to spend more money on gas driving out of the way to another store over 2 oz of hopes? Jakes on you
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    Rent a brew stand?

    Join a local homebrew club. My old one had a nice system members could rent for free.
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    First All Grain

    And it's being fed
  8. Shonuff

    First All Grain

    Location: Ohio
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    Help! Had to stop mid brew.

    What kind of brew pot are you using that leaks? Are you sure using sealant to fix the leak is the best route? -throw away leaky brew pot -buy new bigger and better brew pot -new brew pot doesn't leak -????? -profit
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    Why is my hefeweizen this color? (Pic)

    Is that a growler? Looks like you brewed one beer.
  11. Shonuff

    first batch tast awfull

    stop feeding the troll
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    Force carbing in a corny keg

    What about carbing to style?