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    Who's brewing this weekend, Aug 26th/27th

    This weekend I will be bottling my first brew, a heavily hopped Nut Brown Ale, and will brew up a simple Hefeweizen (not really the right time of year for it but its still in the 90's here in the mid-Atlantic and I wanted to get at least one under my belt before next summer!)
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    bad seal on airlock - options?

    Duck tape it is...I would never disobey the Mistress! I figured since the opening is about 2/3 properly sealed and the remainder is pretty tight, this would be preferable to reopening the fermenter (I am being careful, but proper sanitation seems a learned art...) Thanks for the advice!
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    bad seal on airlock - options?

    Hey all, first time brewer here with a minor dilemna. I am using a BetterBrew plastic bucket for primary fermentation, and the lid utilizes a simple airlock that inserts through a rubber gasket. The problem is that it is very difficult to insert the airlock without pushing the gasket through...