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    substitute grain

    thanks for the replys, the recipe is for a pale ale that was a 4 time GABF award winner that i wanted to give a try. gary
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    substitute grain

    i have a recipe that calls for 6.6 lbs. pale malt extract syrup and i would like to know what grains and how much to use to substitute in a ag recipe. thanks, gary
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    2008 Iowa Hop Report

    i finished my harvest 2 days ago and wound up with 1 lb. fuggles, and 1.5 lbs. cascade. dried. this is the 3rd. year for most of my plants and the cones have gotten bigger each year. in az. its hot and dry so i use a drip system twice a day usually. yesterday i brewed a pale ale useing 1 oz. of...
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    pyrex fermenter

    the gold mine i worked at had that carboy in their lab, stored cyanide and acid in them, they gave me two when they closed down and after i cleaned the hell out of them i've been useing them for years. they work very good for fermenters but they are hard to move around, they weigh about twice...
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