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    Just finished fermenting lager, can I racking in a corny and still keeping there for lagering? Should I carbonate or not ? Thanks a lot for any one help
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    Canadian blonde

    Is coopers canadian blonde kit an ale or others ? Any one help inform me ?
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    Co2 tank

    Thanks Rbeckett, I think find bigger tank 20 lb so can save more gas. But there only steel tank available in store here ( indonesia) . I am worry using steel one as corrosive steel cause unsafety or contaminate the gas and harmfull to health, maybe this silly question.
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    Co2 tank

    Sorry I mean 5 lb co2 tank
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    Co2 tank

    Any one can help giving information how much CO2 gas can fill maximum in 5 gallon tank by weight ? I just filled in gas store only get 1 kilogram weight.
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    Best online brew stores?

    You are lucky guys there are northern brewer,morebeer,etc as really difficult to find one in asia. Australia is long enough also from indonesia. All need TON of shipping. A bit frustrated
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    I am brewing coopers english bitter kit with LME, after 8 days fermenting at 15 degrees C , OG 1.040 became 1.012 for 2 days with kit provided yeast. I decided add 300 grm sugar with some LMe and refermenting, springkled half sachet safalle s-04. Any one could help me by giving information...
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    Tropical fruit

    Sometimes I put tropical fruit in my wine fermenting, any idea if mix in beer brewing? I am living in asia ( indonesia) . Looking forward any suggestions. Thanks
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    All grain brewing

    I have been brewing several times with beerkits in can, also satisfied with my new kegging set. I think want to learn simple all grain brewing. Anyone can recommend me what equiptments have to buy ? Thanks
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    Carbed lager

    Can I let carbed lager inside the corny sitting in room temperature 25 degrees C for weeks ? Thanks for helps
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    Lager sos

    Now my lager sitting in the fridge with primary fermenter. The last reading is 1.010. How long should i keeping there untill can start the kegging ? Thanks alot for helpfull suggestions.
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    Lager sos

    I think my lager stuck on 1.010 for two days. What should I do now ? Should I put in the fridge before my first kegging day ?
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    Anyone does know wether hop can grow in tropical place ?
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    Lager sos

    I have good news dbsmith my lager reading this morning advance 1.012. And you are absolutely right the trial in small jar with bread yeast did not work. Do you think can drink the lager if the worst reading reach to 1.010 ? Thanks a lot.
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    Lager sos

    I am trying now with bread yeast in small jar. Hoping any advance. I thing the coopers yeast 7 gram