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    Kegging & Carbonation

    So being a complete noob, I’ve got a dum question, how long does a bottle of Co2 last , like in say 5 gallon batches?
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    Forgot to mention that I also picked up some gelatin, but I think I will give it some time before resorting to it and see how well it clears up first. So used to wine making from kits, and the beer so far seems more involved and dependent on temperatures, I like it!
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    All great suggestions thanks . I picked up a cream ale kit and also an APA to try. The Lager does look like its starting to clear and there is more sediment on the bottom this morning so it looks like it’s on the right track, the kolsch doesn’t seem to have changed at all yet. We’ve had a cold...
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    Because the temperatures are starting to warm up I’m thinking of doing another ale I have an Irish red bottle conditioning now, but your right it’s too cold when I started it. Any suggestions for an Ale that is close to a clean lager taste?
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    Thanks for the reply. I’ve now transferred it to the cold room in basement where it’s a temp of 11.3 C/ 52F now the Kolsch looks darker but in the glass it’s clearer than the Lager.
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    Hi guys second post here, I have made quite a few batches of wine over the years and used to make beer at one of the brew your own places , recently got the urge to brew beer from home. A couple of questions, but first here in Canada in the fall, winter and spring I keep the house at 16 degrees...
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    Storing Grolsch bottles

    Hi everyone, new guy here I used to brew my own many years ago but gave it up as work got in the way! Anyhow I am getting back into it as I’m now semi retired. I scored on a couple cases on Grolsch beer bottles and have sanitized them and replaced the rubber seals, when storing the empties...