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    steel braid for mash tun floating!

    Put a big stainless steel bolt in the loose end of the braid and secure it with a stainless hose clamp.
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    looking for Munich Helles recipe feedback

    It's probably yours. And it does ROCK. We get very sad between batches of Helles. So Thanks! :mug:
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    looking for Munich Helles recipe feedback

    We've been working on a Helles for a little while. We've done 4 20gal. batches so far and this last one is the best yet. We're no experts, but I'll pass along what we've discovered. We like Spatan and Weihenstephan so that's what we're going for. Our recipe is quite a bit different from...
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    can I use munich as a base grain?

    We just did a Dunkle last weekend and the recipe was 99% Munich malt.
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    25gal Brew....What size of kettle is needed?

    Unless you are using a CFC, don't forget to leave room for your immersion chiller. Batches that big need a large one and they take up a lot of volume. We use this pot for 20 gallon batches. It's about 33 gallons and its just enough since we leave our chiller sitting in the pot in for the...
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    How many strawberries?

    I use four pounds per five gallons as well, although I slice, blanch, freeze, and then thaw the berries before adding them to the secondary vessel and racking the blonde on top. I get a little second fermentation, but nothing that requires a blowoff tube. Taste is definitely present, but not...
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    some more keg to keggle conversion questions

    We have a 50' 1/2" immersion chiller and it takes about 20 minutes to go from boiling to mid-60s on a 15 gallon batch, and most of that time is after the wort reaches 85 degrees or so. I would imagine that you will be quite pleased with the performance on a 5 or 10 gallon batch. Here is a...
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    2009 Longshot Entries?

    Two of my three entries just showed up as received yesterday afternoon. The third one is still pending, even though they were all in the same box. I'm sure it takes a while to go through all those beers. You will also get an email from SA when the entry is officially received.
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    Abita Strawberry Harvest, Extract Recipe?

    It was understated - more of a background flavor. However, my guess is that could vary quite a bit depending on the strawberries themselves.
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    The continuous movie quote thread

    People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden.
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    Abita Strawberry Harvest, Extract Recipe?

    Korben, I haven't had that brand, but I made this extract batch last year and it was really good. Very subtle and refreshing. Maybe you can use this recipe as a reference if you end up having to develop your own. The berries were stemmed, sliced in half, steeped in 170F water for 10 minutes...
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    Dispensing Stout

    I have a little bit of experience with this. I have tasted the same batch of my stout from: - bottle (bottled from keg) - regular tap on CO2 - stout tap on CO2 - stout tap on beer gas Short answer is that the list above is in my order of preference. It all tastes good, but the stout tap...
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    Longshot Shipping Trouble

    Well, I never did hear back from SA. I had to take action since the entries have to arrive before Friday, May 1st so I followed advice from several of you. 1) The shipping address that comes in the email from SA is slightly different from the one that you get if you click the little button...
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    Longshot Shipping Trouble

    Nope. I emailed them the same day as my original post and no response yet. I'll let you know if I hear from them, but I may have to try one of the other options soon, as time is running out.
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    Longshot Shipping Trouble

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have emailed S.A. but no response yet. If I get one, I will post it here. Otherwise I'll try the lables/3rd party location thing. Cheers.