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    Plainfield/Naperville, IL Area Homebrew Club 2nd Meeting...

    Hey there! Long time since I've been about these sometimes gets in the way lol. Finally got all my equipment out of storage...its been there a good year while a remod at my home was underway. Needless to say it was exciting to get 2 batches under way the other week with my brother...
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    Free Bottle Opener from Beck's

    Wow..mine arrrived today! :mug::mug:
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    Best way to remove label glue?

    A Star-San soak will do it as well!
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    NOOB Old CO2 Tank Safety Questions

    "Here's another n00b question: Is there any problem with using Co2 that's been in a tank for possibly ten years or more?" Not sure...but I wouldn't bother with it considering the cost to start fresh.
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    Granite City "Brewery"

    Thanks for the link! I thought it an interesting process just from the blurb on their website but that link had more info on it.
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    NOOB Old CO2 Tank Safety Questions

    If you've a Praxair nearby...try them. I took a 20lb tank that was out of cert for over a decade and they just swapped it out and gave me a new one. Best of luck! :mug:
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    Granite City "Brewery"

    Just made it to a newer built one in Orland Park, IL yesterday for dinner. Thought both the food and brews were decent. Took home a growler of IPA. A bit costly at like $15 for the growler itself (neat design with a flip top etc. though...worth it to add to collection) and about $9 to fill it...
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    Euro Beer travels

    Great pix...thanks again for posting them! :mug:
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    couple of keg aging questions

    Well, first make sure your fermentation is finished at that 2 week mark. If so, then transfer over to sanitized keg etc. Hit it with some CO2 and then pull relief valve a few times to expel oxygen. Hit it again with like 30psi to help seat the lid nice and tight then let it age as appropriate...
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    couple of keg aging questions

    You can fill your corny and then pressurize with CO2. Then pull the relief valve a few times to expel oxygen and let it condition as you would in a carboy. I'd not let any of my beer sit in 90F weather personally. If you're trying to force carb fast by shaking etc., you basically are mixing...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I transfer at three months from primary to another carboy for another 3 months of aging. When I do that I take my hydro sample and get myself a taste. mmmmmmm :)
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    Beginner Kegging Questions

    IMO... You do not need to worry about force carbing with that splitter unless you're wanting it forced immediately. I just hook up my flat brew to my standard serving PSI of 12 and let it sit. Within a week its carbed well and it has time to settle/clear which is a big plus to me. Also, my...
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    Beginner Kegging Questions

    I'm new as well but here is my thoughts.... will find out by it not holding pressure I'd guess. Use a mixture of star-san and water and coat all proper connection areas looking for bubbles etc. If you bought might be a good idea to change them out before you use them the...
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    CO2 tanks

    FWIW... When buying anything thats not new try and make sure its not in need of hydro testing right off. Theres a stamped date on the tank near the neck and testing is required every 5 years. Some shops (fire extinguisher, welding) can arrange a test for around $20 or so...otherwise I've had...