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  1. Setesh

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Count me in please! Thanks Spike for the chance!
  2. Setesh

    Oklahoma Only Brewers Group on the HBT!!!

    My favorite is The Well. It's on the south side of memorial between 74 and May. Head East on Memorial from 74 (Hefner Parkway) and turn in at the gas station right before the next light. There are some young beer nerds that work there. If you are lucky enough to get one of them they will give...
  3. Setesh

    New Temperature controller (Brewbit)

    Just close the lid/door on the probe wires, should work just fine. The gasket will curve enough to compensate. I've been doing that for years with no problems. Maybe it leaks a little air, but it's not much.
  4. Setesh

    Don't Do That.

    Lay paper towels over it, drench paper towels with soapy water or glass cleaner, lit it soak, repeat if necessary..
  5. Setesh

    Don't Do That.

    :confused:, is there a gap between the rollers and the hopper on your mill that let the grain fall through when the main roller was turning in reverse? Or am I being trolled and to tired/dumb to pick up on it? Cause I've done this same thing before and all that happened was the grain didn't go...
  6. Setesh

    Oskar Blues Recipes

    I brewed 6 gallons of the Old Chub clone recipe 2 months ago. I aimed for 8%ABV and 25 IBUs via Tinseth in BeerSmith. OG was 1.081, FG 1.020, so 8%ABV I racked 5 gallons into a carboy with oak cubes and bottled what wouldn't fit. I have tried 2 bottles side by side with the real thing and...
  7. Setesh

    I think they're hot, but you probably don't

    Then your sister is hot :D
  8. Setesh

    I think they're hot, but you probably don't

    I agree, she needs more hot in order to be hot.
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    Saison How Rye I Am (Rye Saison) - 2011 - 1st Place Best of Show - HBT Comp

    Just tapped a keg of this that I aged 8 months with brett brux and it is excellent. I also really liked it fresh. Great recipe! :mug:
  10. Setesh

    Don't Do That.

    Cheap out and get a plastic hose Y for your brew room water supply. I'm just glad I was in the room when the damn thing blew apart today! Cheaping out on critical parts....don't do that!
  11. Setesh

    Don't Do That.

    Sure high heat kills enzymes....but only the weak ones :rockin::rockin::rockin:
  12. Setesh

    I think they're hot, but you probably don't

    She's got 'cute' nailed, but I never found her hot at all. The role of 'hot' was played by Morena Baccarin, who has already been covered.