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    fermentation temp

    Do you by chance know the exact yeast you used? I always try to hit the lower end of a fermentation range. I'm sure your beer is fine just might have a little hint of flavors from fermenting at a bit hight of a temp.
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    Is my beer sick??

    What temp did you mash at? Your FG is a little low. Look up infected beer on here and there are plenty of photos. How it's OK.
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    Session IPA Mash Temps?

    I'm just curious. What is everyone's strategy for mash temps on Session IPA's? I've always mashed at 150-152. Curious if I'm in the norm or if I should adjust higher or lower. Anyone care to share their strategy? Cheers!
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    Hybrid WLP001 and 002

    For anyone out there that is interested in this thread, I figured I would add an update. So we have brewed two separate beers with the hybrid 001/002. We were just able to sample the first one over the weekend. It was an IPA (6.8%) using Summit/Ahtahum/Cascade for the hops and 2...
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    First recipe. Please critique

    Yea I usually pull mine out after 5 days. There really isn't a need to go any longer. I also usually dry hop with 4 ounces so I think you will be just fine waiting 5 days.
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    I need a Chest Freezer for Temp Control

    I recently purchased this one and am using a Johnson Controller to keep my temps where I want them. If you search around you can easily find a 10% off coupon as well...
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    Heading to San Diego

    I would check out Alesmith and St Archer as well. They are both right next to each other in Miramar. Green Flash isn't far away either. The new(er) Ballast in Little Italy is awesome as well. They are doing all their R&D brews there and the food is pretty solid. A cool low key bar as well...
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    Hop flavor is gone

    What amount of hops did you use? I love hops and it took it took me sometime to realize how many hops to use in a batch for my liking. Have you made this batch before and the hops were more upfront?
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    Hybrid WLP001 and 002

    Thanks for your input! Brew day went pretty well last weekend. The starter looked significantly more 002 than 001, with the cottage cheese look when I pitched. I pitched at 63 and by the morning it was at 65 which is when fermentation took off. Looked this morning and it looks to have...
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    Starter not starting

    What kind of yeast are you using? I have never seen a vigorous starter. I use either Cali or English strains of ale yeast and mostly just have bubbles here and there. Are you using a stir plate? Swirling it whenever you walk by?
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    Hybrid WLP001 and 002

    Hey! Do you ever go to any of the SD Homebrewing events? I have been brewing here for a few years now and haven't really got involved in any groups. Joined the AHA recently and wow does SD give great discounts to members. Cheers!
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    Pale Ale Recipe Critique

    Looks solid. Amarillo and Citra pair very well together. What yeast are you going to be using?
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    Wort cooling

    When I did my first brew I added ice at the end to cool it...I haven't done it since and I really wouldn't recommend it unless you know the ice is from water that is completely clean. You don't want to add anything when the wort is cooled that can cause your beer to become infected. In your...
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    how much Yeast for a 2.5 gallon batch?

    What is your expected OG of the batch? That will determine the amount of cells you need. I am guessing one entire package will be either just enough or less than you will actually need. This is my go to before every batch -
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    Hybrid WLP001 and 002

    So with it being in the high 90's in San Diego lately I didn't want to risk buying the WLP200 Best of Both Worlds from MoreBeer and having it ruined in transit. So yesterday I bought two of 001 and one of 002 and made two starters with a 50/50 blend of the two strains in each...