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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    So, I just brewed a Saison. Three weeks fermenting starting at 65 degrees. After the krausen fell, I pulled a sample and to my horror, it had already started developing quite a few "on" flavors. I was determined to mess this one up, so I moved the carboys from the ferm chamber to the front hall...
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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    No, it's not just me. It's everyone. I brewed some bud light and everyone loved that too. I sent a sample to Carlos Brito of InBev, and he really liked it. In fact, he traded me a blimp for the rest of the cornie. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just can't seem to make beer that's not fabulous.
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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    Whoop! Jackpot: http://***********/stories/beer-styles/article/indices/11-beer-styles/138-american-pilsner-style-profile
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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    Jeeze. It's pretty hard to find a Bud Light Clone Recipe thread that actually has a Bud Light Clone Recipe in it. I guess I'll have to wing it, and that means its off to the store to buy a six pack of Bud Light. Gonna see what the FG is, estimate the attenuation and get a ball park OG. I guess...
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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    Damn, this beer came out good.
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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    Alright. Ill give it a shot. Ill brew a non nuclear boiled Bud Light Clone. They take so friggin long though.
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    Beer keeps coming out too good

    No matter what I brew, my beer keeps coming out just a little too good. It's becoming a problem because no one can hang out and chew the fat and throw back a couple homebrews. We can't talk about anything because every time we take a sip we can't say anything except "Damn, this beer turned out...
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    What I did for beer today

    I am deeply involved in the ongoing process of evaluating beers I have made, as well as commercial examples in order to further my brewing.
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    Things I don't like about iBrewMaster

    So.... It rocks?
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    What was this used for?

    How's it look inside?
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    Neighbors dog attacked me, then neighbor threatened to beat me

    No, obnoxious butt holes are the worst. I'd pitty the guy that abuses my pooch. The dog is sweet. Beware the owner.
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    high heat kills my march pump...ideas on a fix?

    Sweet. Did he say which parts he changed?